When beauty products have even more beautiful packaging!

Sometimes it's the little things that really endear you to a place. For me, one of those things is that Japan truly takes pride in making the simplest things beautiful - and packaging is one of those things! As strange as it might sound, one of my favorite things to do when I have some spare time is to just go and browse the beauty products at my local department store, to see what cute and new packaging they have on their products! So, without further ado, here's some adorable stuff I saw when I was out shopping today!


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This was in the cosmetics section and it's blush! As I was looking around I did notice quite a few things that were inspired by Disney characters and movies. They had the blush in two different shades - one was a more pink toned variety, and the other was a more orange/peachy colored tone.
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Lip Balms

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DHC seem to be on a bit of a roll with their adorable packaging right now. The above products are lip creams/balms, and they had three options available to choose from - Rapunzel, Tinkerbell and Marie. They were priced at 700 yen (+ tax) each. I wanted them all but I have a billion lip balms right now.

Deodorant Sheets

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I'd never really noticed these products before - they are deodorant sheets. Basically think of it like a wipe that you can use to freshen up (particularly useful for summers in Japan, I imagine!)
They had both Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck in this particular brand.


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The cutest sun protection ever? This is SPF 50+ sunscreen that had Mickey all over it. I haven't tried this particular brand of sunscreen, but I do really like Japanese sunscreens overall as they aren't as sticky as a lot of brands from back home that I am used to - and that just makes the application so much easier.

Face Cleansing Oil

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This is DHC's famous cleansing oil (honestly one of the best beauty buys I've come across in Japan!) but just repackaged with limited time Disney Princess packaging. They had packaging with Ariel from The Little Mermaid and also Jasmine from Aladdin at my local department store.

And even more sunscreen!

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I think this might have been my favorite packaging from all the items I saw today. Alice in Wonderland sunscreen! I loved this particular one because it had that vintage illustration feel to it.
You can find a lot of beautiful cosmetic and beauty product packaging if you just pop into a department store or drug store - sometimes you'll even get lucky and find some beauty items with cute packaging at convenience stores, too! If you're a sucker for all things adorable, you'll find it addictive going to stores and seeing what new items they have available.

Happy Shopping!

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