Summer is approaching! Visit Tsunoshima, Yamaguchi !

When to go

Many people, even Japanese haven't heard of Tsunoshima, an Island in the north west of Yamaguchi prefecture. With the crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches it is a truly scenic and photogenic place that I definitely recommend visiting.
I visited Tsunoshima in June 2016, which was perfect as I missed the peak summer horde of people, but it was still warm enough to paddle in the water and the weather was nice enough to take that obligatory Instagram photo!

Tsunoshima Bridge

How to get there 

The best way to travel around the Island is by car. That way you can really explore the area and stop off at places when and when you please. 
I didn't see any buses so maybe they are hard to come by.  It's definitely a good place to go if you want to go on a road trip.

Where to stay

I stayed in a Japanese style room at Nishinagato Resort Hotel. I don't think that the Western style rooms  overlook the sea, so if you want to be able to see the sea and the sun setting in the evening I would recommend booking a Japanese style room.  The hotel has it's own private beach, which is nice for daytime and nighttime strolls. 

Nishinagato Hotel

What to do

In the daytime, swim or dip your feet in the incredibly clear waters, check out the Island and visit the light house. The night bus from the Hotel will take you to the light house, but it's also nice to see it in daylight.

Beautiful clear waters

Two waters meeting

If you paddle at the beach at Nishinagato Hotel you can experience this area where two seas collide.  
In the evening why don't you take the free night bus tour from the hotel. They will drive you from the hotel, along the bridge and onto Tsunoshima Island. It's a 30mins roundtrip tour and they stop to let you off to take pictures. The driver said that in peak season the same tour will take 3 hours !

Sunset at Nishinagato Resort Hotel

I hope you have a nice time exploring the Island!

Amalia Elford