Best cafes in Shunan- Yamaguchi prefecture

Shunan is not a big city, but even so I was surprised that in the whole of Yamaguchi prefecture there is no Starbucks! So, I did my research into cafe's in the area and some were so so but others were good, so here is a list of my most frequently visited cafe's in Shunan.

Cafe Minna Sand and Bakery 

Cafe Minna

While walking along Ginza street by Tokuyama station you will notice that the shops aren't the most vibrant of shops. But then... you'll stumble across this bright blue building which is Cafe Minna. Minna meaning everyone in Japanese and sand referring to sandwiches. I guess the translation of the shop name is Cafe everyone -sandwiches and bakery. The cafe is contemporary and has an urban feel with it's grey and white concrete interior.  I think that the coffee is average but the breads are really tasty and very reasonably priced. The staff are young and very friendly.
Latte and melon pan

Recently they opened another store called "Bloom" which is just up the street. There soups are really good, you should definitely check it out.

Orange Cafe 

Orange cafe is also one of my favourite cafe's in Shunan. I recommend eating lunch or dinner here. The food is really healthy and delicious. The deserts are also very good. I especially like their cheese cake.  I have been to this cafe for work meetings as well as just hanging out for the afternoon with some friends. The dim lighting makes a very relaxing environment, where you can just sit and watch the world go by.

Doctors Cafe Camu (ドクターズカフェカム)

If you want to try some Japanese deserts I would recommend going to "Doctors Cafe Camu". I ate Zenzai (japanese rice cakes in a red bean soup), which was pretty good.  I like the modern interior of the cafe. I think it's somewhere nice to go with friends rather than alone.

Cafe interior

Tres F.B.C 

This place has a cafe, bakery and grocery section. I often went to the bakery, but haven't been to the cafe yet. However I heard that it's really nice so I'm including it .
Bakery at Tres F.B.C

Walnut and caramel bread, prawn sandwich

I hope you enjoy my recommendations ! 

Amalia Elford