Theme café: Gundam Café - Akihabara

Weekend extra post! Hello and welcome back to another episode of "to be frankie". Today we will be taking a look at the Gundam cafe located beside the Akihabara station (also beside the akb48 cafe). Friendly reminder: I know a bit about Gundam but I'm not a super huge fan of it so excuse me for being blunt (or overly critical).
Think it was a latte... (Photo credit: me)

Starting off with the drink that I got, I remember it being a pretty average tasting drink. The only special part about it was the art done on top of the drink. The taste wasn't that memorable.
Curry rice (photo credit: me)

Next up we have my dinner, curry rice. Quite disappointing in that it was lukewarm... Like it wasn't event warm (not even close to being fresh and hot). The taste was average. 
As for the pricing, I think it's considered reasonably priced for theme cafes. However, I think a general tip for people that are new to Japan is that you should probably avoid going to theme cafes if you aren't really into the anime, game, or whatever the theme is based on. 
Forgot to take a picture of the art in the cafe, but I remember there weren't that many to begin with. I don't think this is a must visit. The only thing that I kinda wanted to buy from the shop were the Gundam shot glasses (they were pretty cool). But HEY! If you're a huge Gundam fan, don't make my review stop you from visiting this cafe. Just don't have really high expectations for the food. There are many other theme cafes that have much better food. 
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Frank C