Sushi-go-round in Tokyo

The bravest thing I tried!
What a better way to taste sushi in Tokyo than by eating at a sushi-go-round restaurant. These conveyer belt sushi restaurants are popular anywhere you travel in Japan. They are definitely an experience, and are anticipated much more than regular sushi restaurants. 
Before eating at any sushi restaurant, familiarize yourself with the differences in “sushi”. For many of us, we understand “sushi” to be everything “sushi” related, and we just call it all “sushi”. Whatever is on your plate can be categorized as sushi, sashimi, or nigiri. If you are unfamiliar with the types of “sushi”, or even the types of fish on your sushi, Gansozushi has pictures & labels with the type of fish their sushi contains. Gansozushi is a conveyer belt sushi restaurant located in Asakusa, near the famous Senso-ji temple. You will not find a sign with this restaurant name, but the sign outside will say “sushi go round restaurant” in English.
My meal was a little over $10
They offer sushi plates ranging as cheap as $1.50, and up to $6 or more. Other items are available on the menu, like miso soup. You may purchase soda, beer & sake, or you can enjoy the free green tea brewed by you at your seat. You pay per plate, depending on the sushi you chose, identified by the color of your plate. If you know Japanese, you can make a request to the chef. Otherwise, rely on your senses as you see the sushi pass by. My favorite was eel. Pick plates one by one and eat till your heart’s content. 
Eating sushi in Tokyo was definitely an experience for me. I will be honest. The craziest sushi I have tried at home is probably a California roll, which may not even pass for real sushi in Japan. Sushi-go-round restaurants grant you the ability to see your food before you choose it. If you are not a sushi enthusiast, a sushi-go-round restaurant is the way to go. 

Liz Avocado