Recent top cafes - Kyoto. More to come...

% Arabica Coffee- Fujii Daimaru


I did some research on coffee shops in Kyoto by looking at Instagram posts. The most popular post was on Arabica coffee. Their trademark percentage sign and simple but stylish shop has become an Instagram sensation so I decided to check it out. There is a store in Arashiyama (bamboo forest), and one on the 1st floor of the department store “Fujii Daimaru” on Kawaramachi street. I visited the one in Fujii Daimaru and ordered a café latte. The coffee was really good and I can understand what all the hype is about. They sell baguettes but other than that they don’t sell food. So if you’re after a bite to eat as well then this place may not be for you. But I highly recommend trying their coffee. I will definitely be visiting here again.
% Arabica cafe latte

% Arabica cafe interior

Mumokuteki Café and shop


Another place that I found on Instagram was Mumokuteki café. I went there with a friend for lunch and ordered their tofu cutlet set menu, which came with rice, miso soup and a selection of side dishes. I went for the vegetarian option, but there are also meat options available too. You can choose from two different types of rice or you can request half and half and you can get a free refill. Their healthy menu and moderate portions are definitely aimed for women, so I would recommend going there with friends.
Also they have a really nice and popular shop on the 1st floor selling clothes, jewellery, snacks and small plants. 

Nana’s green tea café 

This is a chain store and you can find it in Kyoto station. They sell many drinks and deserts that contain green tea (matcha). I ordered the normal “zenzai” but my friend let me try her green tea flavoured “zenzai”, which was also very tasty. Maybe I’ll order it next time.


Amalia Elford