Must Experience in Tokyo -- Kawaiii Maid Cafe!

As Japan always taking lead in anime world, Japan also the first few countries to start up the themed cafe business and the signature one would still be the Maid Cafe.
Akihabara, one of the renowned city in Tokyo, the best place for the Otaku and anime fans as you can get all the best limited collections for all animations. This is the part of the world where people love costume, dress up like anime character and no one will feel weird about it and actually, it has slowly becomes the culture here in Akihabara.
Put aside the row of shops with huge anime posters and all kinds of limited edition anime character dolls in the glass display cabinets, the other culture that really caught my mind was the row of Maid Cafes! To me, it was truly out of curiosity and adventurous spirit that I decided to pay the cafe a visit, with the myth that it is only for 18+ and ONLY for Otaku and the lonely men who look for pretty cute young girls.
All kind of special expensive sets :P

Out of all the cafes lying around, I chose Maidreamin as it offered the cheapest entry fee, which charged me only 500 yen per person before 6pm. ( 800 yen after 6pm, other maid cafes can charged up to 1500 yen)
The first rule of visiting maid cafe is you should really think before having a proper meal here because all the charges are double compare to other restaurants!
Second rule, you are expect to order something for yourself, no sharing allowed. The cheapest I can get here was another 500 yen drinks.
Third rule, you are not supposed to take any pictures in the cafe. Perhaps they understood that we were tourists so they still allowed photo taking but no photo taking of any maid-waitresses allowed.
The cute maid-waitress addressed us as their 'Master'. They first showed us some really cute  tricks and expected us to follow the gestures. I was impressed with their English proficiency, not the perfect English, but they can communicate in basic English. Thanks to my really basic Japanese, I managed to talk to one of the waitress. She was a high school student who came to work after school and she loved the job. As expected, most of the waitresses here were aged as young as 14 to 17 with extremely mature look. The cafe was pretty quiet and at least for this cafe, was not a place where old men being hanky panky or the cafe squeezed with otaku. ( Perhaps I did not visit the most popular maid cafe in the town because all I see in the cafe was another tourist couple, and a middle aged man.) But definitely, an interesting experience visiting and talking to the cute young maid! Again, who am I to judge?
So whoever plan to visit Japan, visiting Maid Cafe should be added to your visiting list!
I liked this short hair maid who smile and laugh so lovely and we decided to pay another 500 yen for this photo.
Cute pretty maid!

Yaslyn Yaya