Japan's Best Crossover Dish

Summer is fast approaching in Japan, and that means two things: oppressive humidity and UNAGI!  Unagi, or freshwater eel, is considered in Japan to be the best food for a hot summer day, since the calorie-dense protein is meant to give you the energy needed to give you that extra push when the heat tries to slow you down.
Since Unagi becomes a popular dish to sell in the warmer months, it is fairly easy to find, including in many Japanese fast food restaurants.  It is actually a much cheaper way to enjoy Unagi as well, since high-end Unagi can run you anywhere between 2000 and 5000 yen.  Instead, fast food restaurants can offer you unagi at a fraction of that cost (of course, most of the unagi will be imported rather than caught or farmed in Japan). 
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Two notable examples of good fast food establishments for enjoying unagi are Yoshinoya and Sukiya, which are famous for their beef bowls.  Now, if you're like me, you love a good gyūdon, so trying to decide between unajyū (unagi on top of rice) and gyūdon can be an emotional event.  At least it was, until I finally realized why Sukiya is better than Yoshinoya:


Yes, Sukiya read my mind and the minds of millions of other indecisive carnivores and decided to offer an option on the menu that gives patrons both beef and unagi in the same bowl.  Let me tell you...it is heavenly.
The Unagyū is not available at any other fast food donburi restaurants (such as Yoshinoya)--trust me, I've made the mistake of trying to order it and received blank stares and apologies for the fact that they can't go off menu for selections.  A standard Unagyū at Sukiya will run you 880 yen, though you can request additional unagi, beef, and/or rice that can bump the price up to about a maximum of 1300 yen (which is still a phenomenal price for the amount of eel you'll receive).  No need to worry about missing the special offering--it will be in stock until the summer starts to wane in August.  Of course, if you're going to be traveling in Japan in the heat, take it from me and be sure to fight the dog days of summer by enjoying a nice, delicious Unagyū!
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Mike B