Vegan Dining In Fukuoka City

Planning a trip to Fukuoka and worried about whether or not you'll be able to dine out as a vegan/vegetarian? It's true that meatless dining has yet to take off in Japan, but things are slowly changing, and in Fukuoka City there are now quite a few high-quality options within arm's reach that will ensure that you won't have to survive on veggie sticks and cucumber sushi rolls. Oddly enough, while most of Japan has yet to grasp the idea of a "meatless", "vegetarian", or "vegan" meal, they're more likely to understand the term "macrobi", which refers to a Macrobiotic diet.
What is a Macriobiotic diet?
A macrobiotic diet fixes on ideas about types of food drawn from Zen Buddhism.  The major principles of a macrobiotic diet are to reduce animal products, eat locally grown foods that are in season, and consume meals in moderation. (While there are rumors that this type of "clean eating" can help rid the body of diseases, it has not been scientifically proven.) It is said that during the Edo Period (1600-1800) in Japan, peasants were not allowed to eat meat and had a diet based on staples of rice and soybeans. Because the macrobiotic diet was developed in Japan, Japanese foods that are beneficial for health are incorporated by most modern macrobiotic eaters.
It's important to note that while while macrobiotic diets do not condemn animal products entirely, they are only to be consumed once or twice a week, and therefore, macrobiotic restaurants will pride themselves on being free of all animal products. If you are ever in doubt, feel free to ask, or specify that you are vegan/vegetarian before ordering.
These are tried and true vegan options for visitors planning to visit Fukuoka:
1. Macrobiotic Deli Evah Dining - Hakata Station
Open: 7:00am~ Close 10:00pm

Located In Hakata Station, near the Chikushi Exit, is Evah Dining's Pop Up Macrobiotic Vegan Bento Shop.

You can be eat ease, knowing that all Evah Dining's bentos are 100% vegan friendly, with plenty of options to choose from.

Bento Boxes are assembled with care, with plenty of variety, and sell for a decent price. This "Hakata Wappa" bento is my personal favorite.

Located adjacent to Hakata Station, is Fukuoka's newest department store, KITTE. Pop into the first floor of KITTE to find another Evah Dining Location for more vegan bentos, organic vegetables, wraps, pastas, rice bowls, and more.
2.  Macrobiotic Light Food - Evah No Mori (KITTE)
Open: 10:00am~  Close 9:00pm
Located on the first floor of Hakata Marui (KITTE), you'll find plenty of food stalls here. This is the one you're looking for.

Evah No Mori introduces two vegan tortilla wraps, "Chicken Namban Style (Made with soy meat)" and "Avocado Veggie"

3.  Macrobiotic Cafe Evah Dining Botanical Garden
Open: 10:30am~ Close 7:30pm (Last Order 7:00pm)
Located in Nakasu (central Fukuoka City) inside the Hakata Riverrain Building is the flagship Evah Dining Cafe.

For 1,000 yen you can have a plate lunch, served with vegan miso soup, mixed grained rice, and a big salad.. The side-dishes change daily.

4. Rota Cafe in Tenjin
Open:  11:00am ~ Close: 6:00pm
Closed:  Wednesdays

Located off of a side-street along Nishidori, Tenjin's busiest shopping street, is new-comer, Rota Cafe.

The daily lunch set provides a variety of flavors for a decent price. Pictured here is a hearty tomato-baked onion.

Rota Cafe's first floor is a showcase of organic vegetables and products, handmade organic sweets, and their own set of ready-to-go vegan bentos. If you're in the Tenjin area, definitely check this place out, I was impressed by the quality and quantity for the price, and I am sure you'll be satisfied too.
Fukuoka is constantly growing and evolving at a rapid rate, and new stores are popping up all the time. For up-to-date information and reviews from fellow travellers, you can refer to Happy Cow's comprehensive list of vegan/vegetarian foods across Fukuoka Prefecture.

Micaela (ミカエラ)