Owl Nest Cafe

Owl Cafes are a relatively new trend in Japan, and when my partner and I went to Ameyoko in Ueno we happened to stumble across an adorable owl cafe.
This cafe is Owl Nest Cafe and is on the third floor of a building on Yasutomi Bldg. When you enter the store the staff will have you watch a video about how to treat the owls, then disinfect your hands. The course is ¥1000 on weekdays and ¥1500 on weekends and holidays, the course includes:
  • 1 Hour with the Owls
  • Touch Owls
  • Hold Owls
  • 1 Free Drink (¥100 after that)
  • Free Wifi
You can also purchase food to feed the owls (it's ¥500 per tin) and the way the owls eat it up is super cute!
The drinks available were really tasty as well. I had a cold Strawberry Milk with ice and it was superb! My partner had the iced Strawberry Coco, which is now his new favourite drink. They had at least 15 types of drinks there.
The wifi was also very good. It was useful for being able to plan out our next move as a tourist, while relaxing with the owls. It definitely felt very worth it for the money, although if I were to come back I would try to make sure it was on a weekday and not a weekend/holiday.
The owls there were so cute! Here are a few of my favourites:
This is Jack! He was very friendly.

This is Hanno. He was friendly, although my partner and I nicknamed him Grumpy since he wouldn't stop glaring at us.

This is Macaroon! You can't see it as well in the picture but he's tiny!
This is Ross, his head is very soft.
This is Sugar! You fingers will sink into her head.
This is Tiny! He was very small!
This is Marble! His eyes hold the world.

All the owls were very friendly, although some had restrictions on wether you could touch them, pick them up or feed them. They also had resting times where it was asked that the customers let them sleep for 10 to 15 minutes since they were tired. It was a really amazing experience getting to pet and touch owls, although it can be kinda of intimidating at first. I would definitely come back here. 

Scarlett Sahota