Coming home to the @home Maid Café

Tokyo’s district Akihabara is the most famous place for Maid Cafés in Japan. Many branches have their cafés there and many people interesting in such cafés are going to Akihabara only for this matter. I visited several Maid Cafés so far and want to introduce you to my favorite one so far.
Welcome at home!
You may already could see from the title, I really liked the @home Café (in Japanese its @ほぉ~むカフェ) which actually has two branches in Akihabara. One you can find at the fifth floor of Akihabara Don Quijote, however, the main building is located just a few minutes away. There you find four floors full of this Maid Café and probably always people waiting in line downstairs, because they want to get in. 
As soon as you can get in, you are heartly welcomed by the maids as mistress and masters. Be ready to hear a lovely “Okaerinasaimase Ojou-sama!” (お帰りなさいませ、お嬢様!) or „Okaerinasaimase Goshujin-sama!“ (お帰りなさいませ、ご主人様!) from every corner. Your maid will bring you to your seats then and will introduce you to the system if you are new. Don’t worry, they are prepared with English cards and menus and even a view Maids can speak English. However, I have to say that if the Maids speak in English some of the magic is lost because the Japanese versions of some sentences sounds more cute and lovely. 
Let’s come back to the system. First, there is a table fee you need to pay. As a new guest it is ¥ 700 for each person and you will receive a member card later. If you already have a member card you get a little discount on the table fee. Furthermore, the maid will ask for your name and will also tell you her Maid name. So it feels more like being at home.
Every guest should order at least one thing above ¥ 570, but if you want to experience the real maid café you should choose from one of the Maid Café courses. They have a Drink Set, a Food Set, a Dessert Set and a Souvenir Set which are ranging from ¥ 1200 to ¥ 1900. All these are including a memorial photo with one of the maids or a game. For sure, you also can choose everything one by one from the main menu, too.
Get all important information here at the entrance.
The food was always delicious and maids are decorating them for you at the table. Often you can choose what they should draw with ketchup, chocolate or other sauces. Before eating you have to activate the Moe Moe Kyun Power together with the maid so your food will become even more delicious. It may sounds crazy, but if you are open-minded to join the maid world it is a lot of fun.
What I especially like about @home café is not only that the maids are super nice and the floors have different designs, is that there is to opportunity for a birthday party. If you come there on your birthday, you will get a special birthday dessert for free, a maid will sing a birthday song and you even can take a photo together will all the maids at the cafe. All for free as a special birthday present! Amazing, isn’t it? (For sure the normal costs for the visit like table fee is charged on your birthday, too.)
As normal taking photos of the Maids is prohibit. You are only allowed to take photos of your cute dishes. Please also notice there is a time limit of one hour for each table. Because many people are often waiting, I can totally understand it. But for sure they won’t throw you out when you haven’t finish eating, however, you may have to pay in time and asked to hurry up a little bit kindly.  

Claudia Mitsubori