Ikebukuro special: Fukuro Matsuri!

Hello and welcome back to another episode of "to be frankie". Today we will be talking about something that you can only find in Ikebukuro, the Fukuro Matsuri. Now time for a little background.
Owls! (Photo credit: me)

If I remember correctly, the Fukuro Matsuri was originally made to be a promotional event for the shopping districts in ikebukuro. It invites several different groups to perform taiko as well as folk dances. There's also a music festival right in front of the tobu department store exit on the west side.
Side note: Tobu department store (東武) using the kanji words "east" and "war".  However, the department store is located on the west side of the ikebukuro station. Whereas there is another department store on the east side of the ikebukuro station named Seibu (西武).
Side note 2: the mascot of ikebukuro is an owl because Fukuro literally means an owl. It is a play on words because of Japanese grammar where you change the pronunciation if the word is the preceding word. (Sorry for the terrible explanation but basically "Ike" and "Fukuro" put together, you would pronounce Ikebukuro. However this rule doesn't always apply)
Back to our main topic. There are two parts to this festival/parade. The first part is held during the end of September while the second part is held during the beginning of October. You can look up the precise dates if you are interested in checking it out!
Portable shrine (photo credit: me)

If you visit ikebukuro prior to The actual festival, you can actually see people working on the portable shrine.  Finally, let me end my article with one more picture of the lively Fukuro Matsuri.
Fukuro Matsuri

This picture is the small stage in front of the tobu department store. I remember there are sometimes bands that sing there.
Fukuro Matsuri

The festival is something that starts during noon and ends at night. Definitely one of the more lively times of the year for Ikebukuro. Hope people that visit ikebukuro will enjoy the festival. 
Until next time folks! Bye!

Frank C