Doggy Cafe! A Corgi Lover's Dream

Japanese theme cafes are gaining recognition around the world. Most people at least know of the famous cat cafes, where you can enjoy some Japanese sweets while basking in the ambivalent affection of 10+ felines. It doesn’t stop at cats though. Owl cafes are increasing in popularity with at least 3 of them in Tokyo! 
Owls and cats are great of course, but let’s talk dogs. I’d like you to meet the Welsh corgi. While everybody is entitled to their opinion, the Welsh corgi is objectively the best dog. Behold its stubby little legs and equally stubby tail. Derp faces are very common for the corgi as well. I had never even beheld one of these magnificent creatures until living in Japan; it’s a pretty regular site in Japan however. My first exposure to welsh corgis was the delightful cute Ein (genius hacker dog) from the anime series Cowboy Bebop!
Food plz
Photo source: (from Cowboy Bebop anime)
Today, I would like to introduce a pet café for all the corgi lovers out there! After falling in love with this breed, imagine my joy when I discovered a Welsh corgi café right in Nagasaki prefecture where I was living! The aptly named corgi café, DOG HILL, sits atop a small hill off the road and is home to over 20 cute little corgis! The menu has a full complement of light fair, sweets, and beverages. The real reason to visit the café of course is to enjoy the herd of playful corgis! Whether lazing in the sun or frolicking about the café, the corgis are sure to warm even the frostiest of hearts.  The owners (who are extremely sweet and welcoming themselves) are corgi breeders as well as café proprietors. This means there’s always adorable new additions to the café environment. You can follow DOG HILL café on Facebook for your daily dose of corgi cuteness!
While certainly not the strangest themed café in Japan, DOG HILL may be the most specialized. Not only is a dog café, it’s exclusively one breed. DOG HILL corgi café is best accessed by car, but can be reached by bus or train (and a bit of a walk) as well. It is situated on road #205, between Kawatana station and Sonogi station on the Omura train line. I highly recommend checking this place out! Bring a few friends, have a nice meal, and become a corgi otaku at this uniquely Japanese establishment!
Their official website (Japanese only):

Paul M.