Bloggers and YouTubers always recommend places in Japan where locals go to eat.
Guess what. They're right.
Ramen Yashichi is arguably one of the best ramen I have ever had and my taste buds are literally ruined. I have yet to find a ramen that tops this one.
They serve a shoyu or shio ramen with the creaminess of a tonkotsu ramen (which is actually a chicken base). The closest station to this hidden tiny ramen shop is Nakatsu station (about 5-10min walk)
Address: 3-4-8 Toyosaki, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Open hours: 11 am – 4 pm on weekdays only (closed on Saturday and Sunday)
They have lots of autographs from celebrities that come to eat here. (so you know it's good)
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Beware, tourists, the ramen shop is completely Japanese and you purchase tickets from the vending machine to give to the chefs to order the ramen. They put the menu with pictures outside and it is a simple matter to match the kanji from the picture to the vending machine button. (take a picture of the menu before you go in haha.) The shop is quite small so expect to wait. This place is particularly busy at lunchtime as well. 
Their ramen prices range from (~700 yen to ~900 yen) In addition to the ramen, I also suggest you try their pork on rice which is heavenly.  
A note on the procedure of paying patronage at this restaurant. 
- acquire a time card from the shop to indicate your time for ramen consuming. (during busy times you probably have to wait)
- come back near the time on your card and read over the menu. 
- go into the ramen shop and purchase your tickets from the machine (feed the machine your money and press the buttons)
-take your change and your tickets 
- stand by the wall and wait for a spot to open up
-once there is a spot for you to sit, sit down and give the chefs your ticket
- sit and drool until your food arrives. (try not to cry while you wait....)
-the chefs will give you your food, you will consume it and then ruin your taste buds forever because this ramen was glorious
-exit the shop, thank the staff on your way out (Gochiso sama desita !) 
I await the day when I find a ramen that tops this one. 

Coco Wu