Alice in Magical Land - The Disney cafe/restaurant experience for young and old

Alice in Magical Land - The Alice in Wonderland inspired Shinjuku Cafe/Restaurant
(This cafe/restaurant does not require you to speak Japanese. Easy English is understood!)

Located conviently outside Shinjuku JR station. Leave the JR station by exiting in via the West exit. From here it is only a few minutes walk towards the building where the Alice in Magical Land café is situated. Just outside the station you will have to look for the building that says: “HALC, Odakyu Sports and Food” on the side and enter the building. This is the building where you will find the café.
Once inside, it will be easy to find the floor you need.
Upon entering the floor you will find a plastic food display of all the foods served and you will get an idea of the ultimate cuteness that this restaurant has to offer. (Prices are included!).
Food display
When you are done drooling over the delicious food you can enter the café by walking through a big sliding door decorated as a book with the Japanese words translated to: ‘Alice’s Magical Land!’.
Once inside you are greeted by a maid in a blue Alice dress and you are escorted to your table. There are several sections inside the restaurant: A queen of hearts Maze section, a pink Alice section, A queen of hearts round table for large groups etc. Wherever you are seated you will have plenty to look at. Take a close look at all the details of the restaurant, since you will find Alice references everywhere.
One section of the Restaurant
 Now, this is where the fun begins. The waitress, dressed in an Alice costume, will bring you a map of alcoholic and nonalcoholic cocktails in the most beautiful colors. This little map is decorated as playing cards. (Again, with the detail!). You will also be handed a menu in the form of a Children’s book. Inside you will find the menu and you get to choose your choice of food. Beware: Choosing the right dish may be difficult, since everything will look so cute, you have the urge to try them all!

When you are handed your drink, you are also given a small appetizer with a theme-related spell: ‘Eat me!’ Afterwards, you will get your food. 
When I visited we got the Cheshire Cat side dish, chicken bites and a lovely Alice cake for desert. The attention to detail is amazing in this restaurant.
The first course

At the end you get the bill. Expect to pay around 3000-4000 yen per person, which is not that bad for a themed restaurant and a 3 course meal with a cocktail! I loved the entire experience and if I ever take someone with me to show them Japan this is one of the places that can not be missed!

Miki P