HAWAIIAN DELICIOUS BURGER KUA'AINA (menu and prices included)

I went to KUA'AINA in Lalaport, Chiba yesterday. This is a delicious burger store that is originated from HAWAII. This restaurant is located on the top floor where most restaurants are at as well.  It's decorated very nicely and unique and this caught our eyes so we decided to eat here for dinner. They sell mostly burgers and sandwiches but they have side dishes too. One set meal is so big that it's enough to last at least half the day(in my opinion). OH, and they have green smoothies too which i rarely see in Japan. I was so excited so I ordered one for myself. 

We also ordered one set of CHUNKY CHEDDAR BACON BURGER (picture above) which comes with the burger, popcorn shrimp, onion rings, french fries and a drink.   The burger is so large and juicy and the meat is flavorful. There's one big slices of onions, tomatoes, lettuces and cheese inside too. And we get to choose our own kind of bread. KAISER ROLL, BRIOCHE, MULTI-GRAIN WHEAT. We chose Kaiser Roll and the bread had poppy seeds on it! It's so pretty and i LOVE poppy seeds.
Overall, i think this meal is worth the price. The portion is huge and it tasted really good. However, i recommend getting the set meal instead of just the burger because one burger cost 1100++ but the set meal cost 1500++ and it comes with so many extra stuff.  ONLY 400 Yen difference. And the menu has English on it as well so it's not a problem even for foreigners.
The menu are:
1.Chunky Cheddar Avocado Burger ¥1163
2.Chunky Cheddar Bacon Burger  ¥1163
3.Mozzarella Avocado Burger  ¥1163
4.Mozzarella Bacon Burger  ¥1163
5.Avocado Burger  ¥1045
6.Cheese Burger ¥927
7.Pineapple Burger  ¥909
8.Bacon Burger  ¥1045
9.Hamburger  ¥809
10.B.L.T Avocado ( Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato)  ¥1018
11.Teri Chicken  ¥818
12.Pastrami  ¥973
13. Mahi Mahi  ¥936
14.Roast Beef  ¥1127
15.Tuna And Avocado  ¥955
16.Tuna  ¥718
17. Turkey & Avocado  ¥1173
18. Roast Turkey  ¥936
19. Avocado Sandwich  ¥773
20. Avocado, Bacon and Cheese  ¥1127
1.Cheese  ¥118
2.Pineapple ¥100
3.Pickles ¥118
4.Bacon ¥236
5.Avocado ¥236
1.Kaiser Roll
3. Multi-grain Wheat 
2.American Type 
3. Monterey Jack 
1.French Fries  ¥291(S)  ¥455(L)
2.Onion Rings  ¥345(S)   ¥545(L)
3.Popcorn Shrimp  ¥473
4. Crispy Finger Chicken  ¥336
5. Avocado Salad  ¥573
6. Caesar Salad  ¥464
7. Clam Chowder  ¥391
8.Pumpkin Soup  ¥391
9.Minestrone  ¥391
10.Hawaiian Cobb Salad  ¥655
1. Pancake Brule  ¥655
2. Maple& Whipped Cream  ¥473
1. Pepsi Cola  ¥273(S)  ¥364(M)  ¥455(L)
2. Pepsi Nex  ¥273(S)  ¥364(M)  ¥455(L)
3.Ginger Ale  ¥273(S)  ¥364(M)  ¥455(L)
4.Iced Coffee  ¥273(S)  ¥364(M)  ¥455(L)
5. Iced Tea  ¥273(S)  ¥364(M)  ¥455(L)
6.Orange  ¥273(S)  ¥364(M)  ¥455(L)
7.Guava  ¥273(S)  ¥364(M)  ¥455(L)
8.Grapefruit  ¥273(S)  ¥364(M)  ¥455(L)
9. Oolong Tea  ¥273(S)  ¥364(M)  ¥455(L)
10.Iced Caffe Latte  ¥345
11. Organic Hot Coffee  ¥273
12.Jasmine Tea  ¥273
13. Assam Tea  ¥273
14. Caffe Latte  ¥345
1.Draft Beer  ¥450(S)  ¥600(M)  ¥750(L)
2. Kona Beef  ¥627

Special Drinks
1.Iced Mango Tea  ¥345
2. Momi Tea (with boba inside)  ¥391

eli teehee