My top 5 Instagram accounts to follow when you have Japan wanderlust

When it comes to travel plans and inspiration, I get my motivation from a few different sources.  Gone are the days of only being able to access travel ideas through a brochure at an agency (although you can still absolutely do that) - one of my biggest places for tips on great places to go is Instagram! Here's 5 of my favorite Instagram accounts that are Japan-centric.
Pic credit: Flickr User Falsal Aljunied


Japan_gram is a great Instagram account and gives me a lot of inspiration about nature based things to do in particular. The account owner is based in Gifu Prefecture, so a lot of the pictures are from places around the local area. I have visited Gifu before, but I love that it draws attention to quite a few spots there - and hopefully inspires some people to visit that part of the country. With 208,000 followers, I'm sure that a lot of people are adding it as a destination to their Japan "must-see" list!


This account hasn't been updated in a while, but has some beautiful pictures of great spots to visit around Tokyo. A sampling of their pictures are below - I love that they highlight both a busy metropolis contrasted with the beauty and tranquillity of nature. I think it's a great representation of the city!


I love this account. If you've ever wanted to visit Harajuku in particular, this Instagram account is one that you can live vicariously through. Some of the street fashion is quirky, some is refined, some is completely out there - but I adore that they capture so well what is right at the heart of Tokyo - that it truly is a city with something for everyone. If you're into fashion or just like checking out new trends, this account is absolutely worth a follow.


So this particular account isn't specifically travel related - but this Japanese cat owner has dedicated an Instagram account specifically to their feline friend, and they refer to him as the "cosplay cat". I think it's a really fun glimpse into a lot of Japanese cuisine, culture and traditions - and that's a huge part of what visiting a new place is all about. If nothing else, it puts a smile on my face if I'm having a bad day when I see one of these posts pop up in my Instagram feed. Hopefully it'll do the same for you!
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and last but not least...


Did you know that Odigo has an Instagram account, too? Not only are the images shared on their account super aesthetically pleasing, but I get a little history lesson or learn something new about Japan through a lot of the descriptions on the pictures. From sharing delicious places to eat, cool places to visit, or seasonal activities to enjoy, it's just like the website here but in Instagram form. Go and give it a follow!
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