Ryokan Experience (Traditional Japanese Inn)

Traditional Japanese breakfast

Ryokans in Japan offer a taste of traditional Japanese culture. They feature antique decorations, tatami floors, communal baths, and much more. If you are ever in Japan, stay in a Ryokan at least once to get the full Japanese experience. I had the privilege to accommodate at a Ryokan in Tokyo. This particular Ryokan, Sadachiyo Sukeroku No Yado, was located in Asakusa. It is in a quiet neighborhood, but only a few minutes walk from the nearest subway station and from the famous Sensoji-Temple. 
Ryokan Entrance

Arriving to Sadachiyo, present your passport to the front desk. The staff speaks English and are the friendliest people you will meet. Their lobby has a corner of souvenirs for purchase and a small pet. The Ryokan has about 4 floors, with stairs and a small elevator. Additionally, each floor has their own Wi-Fi. After checking in, they will escort you to your room and answer any questions you have. Take off your shoes at the entrance way before stepping into your room. The floors are made of tatami and you must not step with shoes. As you explore your room, you will find a TV, electric kettle, mini fridge, green tea set, Yukatas, socks, slippers, and much more. The amenities include: towels, toothbrushes, and shampoo & conditioner. The bathroom is also equipped with a bidet, which I got to experience for the first time.
Axolotl (Mexican salamander)
The highlights of this inn were definitely the traditional breakfast and the public baths.
The Ryokan houses 2 Japanese communal baths, one wooden and one stone. Open 24-hours, they are separated by gender and swapped halfway through the day. This is good if you suffered from jet lag like me. I would visit these at 3 in the morning when nobody was awake. Take into consideration the rules when visiting the public baths.
As for the traditional breakfast, they have it in different areas of the Ryokan, and you are able to choose from a set of times. They provide you with morning wake up calls to let you know what floor breakfast will be for you. Breakfast was always delicious and a great way to try new things. Feel free to wear your yukata to breakfast or just to lounge in. They also offer a full course traditional Japanese dinner.
Overall, the staff was helpful and very accommodating. Towards the end of our stay, we received a small personalized gift. This was one authentic Japanese experience I will never forget.   
Breakfast set-up
Decorations around Ryokan
Tea set and snacks replenished daily
Wooden bath at 3am

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