The perfect 2 week Japan Itinerary for First-time Japan travelers

Welcome in Japan!

Japan has so many amazing sighs and cultural shocks to offer to the first-time traveler. There Is too much to see in too little time. This can become very confusing for the first time traveler, not knowing what the best sights to see are and how to plan the days of your itinerary.
But there is help!
In this article I am going to help all of you to create a perfect way to spend your holiday in Japan using my previous experiences. I happen to have a trait of making myself itineraries before taking a trip to make sure I do not miss out while travelling. Of course, there are always unforeseen circumstances, which make your trip even more fun, but I learned to plan ahead and to use the limited time you have efficiently.
I this article I will explain what is, in my opinion, the best way to spend two weeks in Japan as a first-time traveler. I have explained this itinerary to a lot of my friends and family already and have even taken my mother, a first time traveler in Japan as well, on this itinerary when she joined me and she loved every single day.
What you need for this itinerary:
For this itinerary you will need a 14 days Japan Rail Pass.
The itinerary
Day 01: Arrive in Tokyo + Explore Tokyo 
Day 02: Daytrip from Tokyo
Day 03: Spend a full day in Tokyo
Day 04: Daytrip from Tokyo 2
Day 05: Leave Tokyo early in the morning and take the shinkansen to Kyoto. Stop at Hakone and do the Hakone round course. (You will reach Kyoto at the end of the afternoon)
Day 06: Spend a full day in Kyoto
Day 07: Visit Arashiyama as a daytrip from Kyoto
Day 08: Spend a full day in Kyoto
Day 09: Leave Kyoto and take a train to Hiroshima and visit the atomic bomb museum. Spend the day and go to Miyajima in the afternoon. Stay the night.
Day 10: Miyajima in the morning. Leave for Osaka in the afternoon and visit the Osaka castle. 
Day 11: Head to Koyasan from Osaka. Overnight at a temple in Koyasan.
Day 12: Visit Koyasan. Head back to Kyoto when you want.
Day 13: Extra day: Choose either to take a daytrip to Nara or head back to Tokyo to explore Tokyo 1 more day.
Day 14: Return to Tokyo and head for the airport
Possible daytrip from Tokyo
My recommendations in order:
1.       Nikko – The ancient capital city
2.       Fuji five lakes: Kawaguchiko – Lake with beautiful views of mt. Fuji
3.       Kamakura & Enoshima day trip. – Visit the great buddha
My recommendations are in order:
1.       Visit Asakusa (1/2 day recommended)
2.       Visit Harajuku & Shibuya, including Meiji Jingu shrine (1 full day)
3.       Visit Akihabara including a visit to a Maid café (1/2 day recommended)
4.       Visit Ueno Park & Zoo and visit Tokyo station (1/2 day recommended)
How to spend 2 days in Kyoto:
My recommendations are in order:
1.       Visit Kinkakuji, Sanjisangendo temple and the Fushimi Inari Shrine in the afternoon. (full day)
2.       Visit Kiyomizudera, Ginkakuji, Heian Shrine and the Higashiyama district (full day)
3.       Visit Gion Corner at night – Open all evenings for an unforgettable experience.
My favourite picture of Kyoto - Kinkakuji Temple

Miki P