Thirsty? 3 of Tokyo's most unique bars!

If you're in Japan right now or planning a trip in the near future, you likely have a few things on your list of places you want to see. And perhaps along with that, there are cuisines or drinks you might like to try. 
If sampling sake, umeshu, or maybe a whisky highball are on your list when you're visiting the land of the rising sun, here's some unique places to grab a beverage!

Penguin Bar Ikebukuro

The Penguin Bar in Ikebukuro definitely brings the quirkiness to the Tokyo bar scene. Their website specifically mentions that they take great care of the penguins they have there, ensuring they have ample space and plenty of time to rest behind the scenes - so they're not always on show. It also has a link to the details about the owners animal handling credentials, which put my mind at ease a bit more!

Their drink menu includes a wide range of cocktails, sake, umeshu, highballs and more. They also offer a "Penguin Course" that offers all you can drink for a two hour period as well as a set food menu. 

The Penguin Bar is a short walk from the Ikebukuro Station - they have an easy to follow access map on their website. Their street address for Google Maps is 〒171-0014 東京都豊島区池袋2−38−2 COSMY1.

Bar Black Sheep

This bar may seem like any other when you initially walk in - until you see that the owner's dog, Hana, is a permanent fixture here every evening! The bar has friendly staff and also a good range of beverages on offer - and is just a short walk from Shibuya Station. The owner speaks perfect English, so no worries if a mastery of the Japanese language isn't in your personal skillset!
As the bar is located on a smaller back street, it's helpful to map it out before you go. The street address for Bar Black Sheep is  2 Chome Dogenzaka, 渋谷区 Tokyo 150-0043 if you're using Google Maps!
They also have a Facebook page you can check out here.

Alcatraz ER

Alcatraz ER is a prison themed bar in Shibuya, that has "cell" inspired areas to enjoy a beer, wine or cocktail - with some of them served up in a beaker or test tube. If you plan to try some of their food options too, I'd recommend that you're not the type to be put off by things designed to make you squirm - there are several options on their menu that are enough to make you gag just by looking at them. In saying that, they make for some crazy pictures to share with your friends and family on social media!
Reservations are recommended here as it is quite a popular and well known spot. It's quite easy to do that on their website though. And if for nothing else, it's worth checking out the menu section on their website to see what I mean about some of the nausea-inducing cuisine they offer!
Their address for Google Maps is 〒150-0043 Tokyo, 渋谷区Dogenzaka, 2−13−5 ハーベストビルディング.

Enjoy your time in Japan! 

(and as always - drink responsibly!)

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