Where are you Swimming this Summer?

Summer is finally on it's way and our search for the perfect family friendly beach to spend the coming hot summer afternoons has also started. Here are two great places to while away your summer afternoon in Fukui, both are nearby to other places of interest too so, win-win!

Sunset Beach

Located right by the end of the Echizen Mikuni train line, about an hour from Fukui City, this is the easiest beach to reach without your own transport. As you can probably tell from the name, it is a popular place to watch the sun go down. The Mikuni fireworks are held here in August and are said to be spectacular, we will definitely be going this year.

Also in the area

Tojinbo, known for its spectacular basalt rock formations is about a 2km walk from Sunset Beach. About half of the walk is through forest and is very pretty but in the heat of summer, catching a local bus there would probably be best. A little further on from Tojinbo is an aquarium which is popular with local kids.
Tojinbo Cliffs

Diamond Beach (Suishohama)

Suishohama is located about 15 minutes by car from Tsuruga, Fukui. It is a very picturesque beach in a reasonably undeveloped area (for Japan!) The sand is lovely and the water is really clean and clear. It was great for our young kids as the water was very calm. There is also a small stream running across the beach to the sea which was about ankle deep and perfect for little ones to paddle in. By car, this is over an hour away from Fukui but there are other attractions you can visit along the way to make to most of the drive.

Also in the area

Tsuruga is a major port town in Fukui with interesting history. Particular areas of interest here are the Kehi Shrine with its wooden torii that rates as one of the 3 best in Japan (next to Those at Kasuga Taisha, Nara and Itsukushima Shrine, Miyajima), and the Matsubara pine grove and beach area. 
A little further south, is Mikatagoko, or the Mikatagoko 5 Lakes, which are a series of very scenic and ecologically important lakes. The lakes all appear to be different shades of blue due to the different ratios of salt and freshwater in each. The viewpoint over the lakes at the top of the Rainbow Line toll road is spectacular.

Want to make a weekend of it?

Or even a week? Here are some other great attractions in Fukui.
Katsuyama Dinosaur Museum
Asuwagawa Cherry Blossoms
Echizen Washi Village
All photos by Christie Abel

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