The Tama Train - The station master is a cat!

The Tama Train
Yes, you read the title correctly. The station master is a cat! Little Tama-chan is the cat that saved the little-visited Kishi Train station in Wakayama from closure. This little cutie was appointed Station master and made the train station an instant tourist attraction. Tama's popularity grew so much, little Tama even got her own train...
The Tama train - source:

The Tama Train
The Tama train runs from platform 9 from Wakayama station along the Nankai line to the famous Kishi train station in 30 minutes. This is the station of the famous station master, Tama the cat. Unfortunately Tama the cat has retired, but the new station manager NiTama (second Tama) is doing a great job.
The inside of the train is just as cute as the outside. With Tamachan references everywhere you will forget you are on a train instead of a cat cafe (minus the real cats of course).
The train line also runs a Strawberry and an Omocha (toy) train so make sure to check when which train is running during the day. These trains are also a definite recommendation to ride...
Please visit this website to find out the current times of the running trains:
Kishi Station: Looks kinda like a cat doesn't it? - Source:
Kishi Station
However, the train is not the only fun moment during the day. There is a lot to see at Kishi Station as well. The exterior has been redesigned to look like a cat and is worth taking a cute picture with. Inside the station you will find a Tama Cafe with Cat styled foods, a Tama Waiting Room and a small Tama Museum.  It makes a nice half a day trip with another quirky Japan experience.
Useful information
Train fee: 370 yen one way, day pass 720 yen.
Opening hours:
-Tama Cafe: 9:00-17:00 (Closed on Wednesdays)
-Tama Waiting Room: 9:00-17:30
-Nitama on duty: 10:00-16:00 (Day of Wednesday and Thursdays) - May change... check here:
TAMA II is waiting for YOU!

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