5 Fun FREE Things To Do In Fukuoka City!

When visiting a new place for the first time, it can be easy to lose track of money and drain your travel-funds fast. If you're planning on visiting Fukuoka, but you don't want to break the bank, here are five suggestions for places to visit, that, aside from transportation costs, are absolutely free to enjoy! 

1) Visit Hakata Tower!

Hakata Tower, (https://fukuoka.mypl.net/chuo-hakata/mp/photo_chuo-fukuoka/?sid=53853)

Fukuoka actually has two ocean-side towers; the iconic and futuristic Fukuoka Tower stands in front of Momochi Beach, but costs 800yen (640yen for foreign tourists with a passport) to climb, while the bright red beacon of the ferry port, known as Hakata Tower, is absolutely free to visit. While not as tall as Fukuoka Tower, Hakata Tower is certainly less crowded, and offers views that spread both across the seaside, and the vast cityscape.
Bonus: The Bayside Area that Hakata Tower is located in, also has a cute mini aquarium that is free to visit as well.

2) Climb The ACROS Step Garden!

Top Deck: Saturday, Sundays, Holidays      Step Garden Walking Course:   Monday - Sunday
                       10:00am-4:00pm                                                                                                     9:00am - 6:00pm
Provided by the City of Fukuoka

Located right in the center of Fukuoka City, the ACROS Fukuoka Prefectural International Hall is an "agro-urban" architectural masterpiece.  The building's face is designed to be an extension of the park in front of it, with a staircase totalling over 800 steps, and over 100 varieties of plants thriving upon it. For the adventurous and active traveller, climbing ACROS's step garden is a fun challenge, and you'll be rewarded at the top with refreshing chill breezes, and, on the weekends, access to a look-out point complete with a security guard and binoculars. This attraction is absolutely free of charge, and a good way to burn some calories before eating more of Fukuoka's delicious ramen. 

3) Drop By Canal City's Public Stage!

Projection Mapping Show:         Fountains Show:                                     Live Music:
Monday - Sunday                               Monday - Sunday                                    Saturday/Sunday/Holidays
19:30, 20:00, 20:30, 21:00           10:00am-19:00pm Every Hour     Schedules May Vary
Canal City Shopping Mall, (photo from https://www.kyushu-yamaguchi.jp/)

Canal City isn't just for shopping, the design of this shopping mall is so fascinating that it's fun to explore it from top to bottom. The center of the mall opens up to a stage that can be viewed from all four shopping floors! On the weekends, and during holidays, guests are free to drop in and enjoy some public entertainment, from acrobatics, to magic shows, to live musical performances. There's always something interesting going on here. Every hour on the hour, guests can enjoy a 5 minute fountain show coordinated to music, and in the evening from 19:30pm, a special 8 minute movie using projection map technology plays every half-hour until closing.
Bonus: Free WiFi.

4)  Tour The Asahi Beer Factory!

Every Day (Except Major Holidays)
Located just one stop away from Hakata Station, the Asahi Beer Factory offers free guided tours through their facilities.  After being introduced to the process and the ingredients for making their special brew, you will be allowed to taste-test the beer for yourself (up to three glasses per person!) If you're of legal drinking age and are looking for an educational adult-oriented attraction, make a call to reserve a tour.

5) Hit The Beach at Momochi!

Momochi Beach, Photo From Fukuoka Now. (http://www.fukuoka-now.com)

Momochi Beach is the closest beach in proximity to Fukuoka's City center.  It's open all-year round, but obviously, this attraction is better in the summer. The Marizon Wedding Chapel will hold weddings on the weekends and you will often see balloons rising from the garden. Sun-chairs are available, but in limited quantities, so a beach towel is recommended. This is a nice place to sit in the sun, dip your toes in the water, have a picnic, or even set up some frisbee or beach volleyball (nets are available!). During the summer months you will sometimes encounter live music festivals and events on this beach as well. The best part, of course, is that aside from bus fare, you don't have to spend any money here in order to have fun!

Do you have any tips for visiting Fukuoka on a budget? Leave a comment below with your favorite places to visit!

Micaela (ミカエラ)