Mood for Champon? "Harukoma"(はるこま)in Saga, Saga

You might think of Nagasaki when you hear a word "Champon", and you'd be right. During period of national isolation, Nagasaki is the only open port for world trading so that there are many unique dishes that are combined with Japanese and foreign cuisines. Nowadays Champon is known as one of local dishes in Nagasaki. But you can find some good Champon restaurants in Saga since it's next to Nagasaki Prefecture. The soup bases are similar but the taste is different at each place, so you can check out lots of restaurants until you find your favorite one!


Harukoma was opened in Saga about 100 years ago. I believe that it's the first Champon restaurant in Saga.
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I remember that my family would go there to revel in their specialties such as Champon and Sara Udon. I'm still a big fan of this place and I never get tired of it!
The atmosphere there is just like an ordinary Udon restaurant. They have both tables and Zashiki style seating (where you take off your shoes and sit on a cushion on the floor). 

But what makes this place special is their specialty: Sara Udon. If you have had Sara Udon before, you might think of the one with crunchy deep-fried noodles with thick clear sauce on it, which is actually Nagasaki style. They make it with bolder soft noodles, it’s more like Champon without soup. They fried the noodles well and that make it so savory! And there are so many different ingredient such as pork, fish cake, egg, cabbage and so on, so I’m sure it’s healthy so you won’t feel guilty even after you have the extra large portion!



There are some options besides Champon.


Actually the Sara Udon here is more popular than the Champon. 

One portion costs 810 yen. 

I always order Sara Udon(810 yen) . When I go with other people, I order Tamago-Don (600 yen) to share.
Look at this shining  Tamago-Don!!


It takes 20 minutes to get there on foot from JR Saga station. You can also enjoy exploring an old Japanese street called Yanagi-machi after your meal at Harukoma. There are some nice cafes and tea shops there. It’s a pleasant walk down a traditional street in rural Japan. I recommend you to visit around Hinamatsuri,( also known as Girl’s Day, which is on March 3rd every year) because they’re having a festival for it. The festival is usually held from the middle of February to the end of March.



Open) Monday through Thursday (and holidays):  11:00-16:00

      Saturday and Sunday   :    11:00-16:00,17:00-19:00

Closed on Fridays

Address(English) : 3-1 Takagimachi, Saga, Saga

Address(Japanese): 佐賀県佐賀市高木町3-1

Tel: 0952-23-5329 

Mariko Y