Hiroshima 2-Day Itinerary

Beginning from Hiroshima Station, visit the Atomic Bomb Dome, and the nearby Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. If you’re having trouble finding the way, there is a Tourist Information Center at the station. Try getting there as early as possible to avoid the crowd that will increase through the day. There is also a museum, which will be a godsend for those hotter summer days. Around noon, you can go to the nearby restaurants, followed by a trip to the Shukkeien Japanese Garden for a relaxing afternoon. At night you can experience the Hiroshima city nightlife, including Izakaya and delicious soulfoods like Okonomiyaki.
Day 2
From Hiroshima Station, take the JR Sanyo line to Miyajimaguchi Station, where the ferry is a couple minutes walk from the station, and take the ferry to Miyajima. Don’t worry, it will only take 10 minutes. Alternatively, you can take a boat directly from Hiroshima Port to Miyajima, which will take around an hour and cost 2000 to 3000 yen round-trip. From there, you can explore Miyajima and visit the Itsukushima Shrine, as well as enjoy Mount Misen by the Miyajima Ropeway, and stay at Miyajima if you like.

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