Hiroshima Access Guide

Hiroshima’s transportation system is relatively simple, and is made of a few number of train lines and ferries. The major stations are Hiroshima, Hacchobori, Hiroshima Port, and Nishi-Hiroshima (that's a lot of H!) There is also Miyajima-guchi and Miyajima Stations, which are the connecting stations to go to Miyajima Island.
What is great about Hiroshima is the fact that it is one of the many major cities that are connected by a long line of Shinkansen stops. Hiroshima is between Osaka and the last stop, Hakata, so it would be a perfect stop in between. From Tokyo, you can take the Nozomi Shinkansen straight to Hiroshima in a total of 4 hours, for 19,000 yen. While a tad expensive, the Bullet Train is a great experience for first-timers.
Hiroshima is also very accessable by air as well. While regular flights cost around 300 dollars for a one-way ticket, there are various ways to get cheaper flights through Apps and Websites like Skyscanner. It’s recommended that you check there first, as in some cases it may be cheaper than a Shinkansen (and faster too!)
If you’re in to travelling long distances by train, and really want to save money, you can take the local trains from Tokyo all the way to Hiroshima using the Seishun 18 Ticket. While it takes less than a week to travel, and may be difficult to find the proper route, you have the ability to take stops at all the famous cities along the way, while having a blast!

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