Kamakura - 1/2 day trip itinerary from Tokyo (perfectly combined with a trip to Enoshima)

Kamakura - 1/2 day trip itinerary from Tokyo - perfectly combined with a trip to Enoshima
Enoshima and Kamakura are two amazing places which both deserve to be visited during your first visit to Japan. Because most travelers find time to be limited when visiting Japan, because there is so much to see, Kamakura and Enoshima are often combined during a day trip. This, in my opinion is a great option when you visit Japan for the first time.
To combine Kamakura and Enoshima in a 1 day trip visit the Enoshima 1/2 day itinerary first:
The Kamakura itinerary:
Kamakura's main attractions are all concentrated around 3 train stations; Kita-Kamakura, Kamakura Station and Hase Station. Hase station and Kamakura station are located on the Enoden line. If you want to visit the Kita-kamakura area it is recommended to do it at the end of the day, since the JR Yokosuka line back to Tokyo will pass this station.
Hase station
Get off at Hase station and have a short walk to Hasedera Station and the Daibutsu (great buddha).
Hasedera Temple + Gardens ask a 300 yen entrance fee and the temple is definitely worth a visit. The Hasedera holds a 9.18 meters tall wooden statue in the Kannon Do hall and the views of the coastal city of Kamakura are worth it.
Hase temple

If you feel like having Temple-fatique. you might want to skip this temple though. Although the architecture is very impressive, there isn't much else at the temple so I recommend you making your way towards the Daibutsu..
5-10 minutes further away stands the most iconic statue of Kamakura and this is the main reason most travelers will pay a visit to Kamakura. The great Daibutsu. This bronze statue of Buddha on the grounds of Kotokuin temple is 13.35 meters tall, which is the second tallest bronze buddha statue in Japan (Nara's Todaji is a little bigger, but is located inside). This buddha used to be standing inside, but because of various typhoons which destroyed all the buildings, it was decided the buddha would be left standing in open air.
To enter Kotokuin temple you have to pay a 200 yen admission fee and an additional 20 yen is asked to visit the interior of the buddha. Expect to see long lines and I have heard it is not worth visiting the inside, since it is a hollow statue without anything else inside.
DSCN3595.JPG 3.3 MB

However, the daibutsu itself is very impressive and is a great addition to your photo collection.
After paying a visit to the Daibutsu you can return to Hase station and make your way to Kamakura Station. For those who love to walk this walk takes about 25 minutes (or 10 minutes by train).
From here you can walk the famous Dankazura street up to the Tsurugaoka Hachimangu shrine, which is a beautiful street looking over the shrine and every time you will pass a big red torii you will get closer to the shrine. It is a very impressive walk to do along the waterfront.
However, if you do not feel like only walking up towards a temple, besides the Dankazura is an always crowded shopping street serving delicious foods and selling cute souvenirs while making your way towards the shrine.
A long stairway

This shrine is Kamakura's most important shrine, and should therefore not be missed when visiting Kamakura. The main hall is located on top of a wide stairway and at the base you will find a Maiden, a stage for dance and music performances. Besides the shrine there is also an impressive garden with two ponds. And since this temple has no entrance fee, it is a very good addition to our itinerary.
Just a lovely picture I took at the Hachimangu Shrine which I love to share <3

At this point you will probably feel very tired and you might want to end the itinerary, because that is what I did when I did this itinerary myself.
However, if you feel like you still want to visit more of Kamakura, you might want to make you way towards Kita-Kamakura station and visit some more spots. If you do I recommend you to visit the Kenchoji temple and the Meigetsuin, because of their stunning architecture.
I hope you guys loved my report on the Enoshima-Kamakura itinerary which I think is one of the best around. I have done this itinerary before and I am planning on doing it again when I will bring my friend along to see Japan for her first time as well... 
If you have any questions, feel free to ask :)

Miki P