Refilling your Suica Card

Hey guys, in the last article I gave two main tips on transportation mainly Tokyo based.
Just gotta click on the link above!
Some may wonder, “Why purchase a suica card when you can just purchase tickets?”
 Personally, buying the Suica Card makes the train station less scary and more cost efficient. Sometimes when people purchase the wrong ticket what happens is, as you insert the ticket into the slot and attempt to walk through these little flaps open up to prevent you from going forward. 
But in this article, the main focus will be refilling your suica card!
So, now you find yourself with your Suica Card, using it to get by in Japan but then you find yourself running out of funds as you keep transferring trains!
Have no fear; it takes up no time at all to figure out how to use the machines to refill your card!
When you walk into the train stations there are always machines lined up against the walls ready to go! Sometimes there are lines but the wait time is not long at all. 

Locate a machine that you are able to refill your Suica Card, which can easily by spotted.

Refill or purchase tickets

As you can see in the photo below, there is an image of the cards the machine takes so that you are able to refill it.

Insert your suica card in and do not be surprised when the machine takes your card.

It lights it for ya!

After it takes your card, select your native language.

Hit the red button to check out which languages are offered

It accepts a minimum of 1,000 円 to reload the card.

See you are almost done reloading the card! Just select the amount you put in.

Grab your card and go!

See! Was that not easy?
Do not be afraid of the train system in Japan. After a few rides and transfers you are going to feel like a pro by the end of the trip. 
I believe in you guys! :)
Oh! And as a quick reminder, with the Suica Card you can purchase drinks from a vending machine, even some stores accept it as a form of payment. You are even able to ride the bus with a Suica Card!
Catch ya guys later! *~

misa mango