The Magic Umbrella - The ultimate Japanese souvenir which will amaze everyone

The Japanese Magic Umbrella
The rainy season in Japan has warm days and cool nights mixed with heavy rainfall. It is the highest amount of rainfall around the country during the day and happens between summer and autumn. Of course Japanese like to make everything special and cute and therefore special umbrellas were bound to pop up in Japan first. ‘Rainy season’ merchandise is very popular in Japan.
Because I had never seen these type of umbrellas before and because I loved the idea of the umbrellas I didn’t only buy 1, I bought 4 for my friends and family. And I assure you, they were all speechless when I showed them the most impressive umbrella they had ever seen. And for only about 1000 yen, which is only a tad more expensive than your regular umbrella it is a great souvenir for yourself and your friends and family.
Shop front
So, without further ado, let me introduce this amazing umbrella!
At first sight the umbrella seems kinda plain. The shop front selling these umbrellas (I remember seeing one in Kyoto, Arashiyama and Uji and I am sure there is one in Tokyo as well) is hard to miss with all the colorful umbrellas. The umbrellas have bright colors but there is not pattern on it what so ever! However, when these umbrellas get wet, this is when the magic happens. 
As if magic, pattern show up when the umbrellas get soaking. Once they dry up the patterns will disappear once again and you can amaze new people when a rainstorm will hit you once again. 
Shop fronts show this by spraying the umbrellas with water on the shop front so you can see half of the umbrella with the ‘rain’ patterns and the other half without them.
But how does it work?
A combination of water repellent and super absorbent material is used all over the umbrella which creates beautiful Japanese designs, cherry blossoms, but also other patterns like animals, rainbows, music notes… the choices are endless. The transformation doesn’t take long at all. Just after the first drops of rain, the tiny formations on the umbrella will start to form and your umbrella will get an entirely different look. Even large patches and thin outlines can be created with the water repellent and water absorbent and allow the patterns to be endless and can get very detailed. 
When wet... - Source:

But there is more, the Japanese umbrellas are amazing during rain, but are also very stylish and useful when dry and having the plain colors. And since they also work as parasols by blocking harmful UV-lights, they are therefore also great during summertime as well.
So, this is like the best umbrella I ever bought and I recommend everyone to buy one as well, since they are strong and most importantly UBER CUTE!

Miki P