5 things you can find in a Japanese Mall that you won't find back home!

There's a range of different shopping malls in Japan. Some of them have a very international feel - with big name chain stores like H&M, Zara and Gap. Others have a much more distinctly Japanese vibe to them - like the one I went shopping at today. I love paying attention to the unique things that are present at Japanese malls - so without further ado, here's 5 things you can find at a Japanese mall that you're likely to not experience at a mall back home!

Places selling beautiful yukatas, kimonos and traditional wares

This might be one of my favorite things about Japanese malls. It's like you get a little culture and history lesson when you visit! This store had a range of gorgeous summery yukatas - there are other stores that sell kimonos and traditional wares. Another store at this mall sells nothing but Japanese grown green tea - so as you can see, you can use a Japanese mall as a great one stop shop for souvenirs if you have one close to where you're staying.

Bakeries with the cutest bread ever

Now, most countries are going to have a bakery of some description in their shopping malls - but I would venture to say that no mall would have breads as cute as Japanese malls do. My local mall makes these adorable panda breads filled with custard (so, so good!) and these turtle looking melon pan! You can't help but smile when you see them, if you ask me.

Vending Machines that sell more than just drinks

Japan is known for its amazing array of vending machines - selling all manner of interesting things. In most other shopping malls I've traveled to around the world, you might be lucky to find a vending machine that sells bottled water and some soft drinks - but in Japan you'll find way more than that. This mall I passed by today had an ice cream vending machine, one that sold cigarettes, and a ton of smaller ones selling a range of adorable toys, key rings, and other kawaii knick knacks (try saying that three times quickly!)

Entire stores dedicated to socks

The Japanese are known for their epic fashion sense and overall style - everyone here seems to be incredibly well dressed at all times. I feel like not a single item of clothing is overlooked, and that includes socks! The mall I went to today has not one but two different stores that sell nothing but socks. Back home if you need socks you'd probably go to a department store and grab some there. I'm definitely not complaining about there being entire stores for socks - I think they're adorable and I love that there are so many choices to pick from. 

Different food court options

Yes, Japan still does have your western food court options in a lot of places (think McDonalds, KFC, Burger King - although you might see some different menu items than what you're used to there, too!)

In saying that, you're more likely to experience things like soba, udon, tempura, ramen, takoyaki, and other Japanese cuisine options. It's not like that is a bad thing though, since Japanese food is amazing - and there's something to suit just about anyone's tastebuds!

Happy shopping - and enjoy Japan!

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