Best Traveling Seasons in Kagawa

Photo Credit: Flickr user yyy100

Spring tranquility at Ritsurin Garden
While Ritsurin Garden itself is an excuse to travel to Takamatsu city, it is particularly beautiful in the spring, where hundreds of blossoms bloom over the course of a few weeks. No time to visit during the day time? No problem. They also hold cherry blossom illuminations during the night, where you can enjoy the blossoms in their extravagant pink colors from across the lake, all around the garden.
Summer time fun on the Seto shore
Kagawa prefecture lies on the shore of the Seto Inland Sea, but also holds Shodo island, a picturesque island filled with great landscapes and shores untouched by industry. It was the first island in Japan to successfully cultivate olives, and is also known as the “Olive Island”, but there is much more to offer, such as beautiful beaches and nature. While there may be many tourists depending on the season, it still serves as a great getaway from the urban centers of Osaka and Tokyo.
Enjoy an Autumn Pilgrimage 
If you’re going to go on Shikoku Island’s famous 88-temple pilgrimage, it’s recommended that you try it during the Autumn, where it is cooler and has better weather. An added plus is that many of the temples will look beautiful in the Autumn foliage, surrounded by leaves of red and yellow. The pilgrimage itself takes an estimated 6-to-8 weeks to accomplish on foot, so it would be a perfect way to spend the Autumn season – if you can afford it, of course.
Photo Credit: Flickr user PeterThoeny
Winter Monkey Time at Choshikei Monkey Park
While Japanese Winters may be cold, you’ll definitely warm up once you see a couple dozen monkeys huddled together for warmth. At Choshikei Monkey Park on Shodo Island, you can experience exactly that. With Monkey shows, as well as the ability to feed the monkeys, this fenceless park is the best place to get up close to one of the cutest animals in Japan. Similar to Nara’s deer park, the Choshikei Monkey Park is where you can feel at one with nature. 

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