Bird Café in Tokyo (Don't Worry You Don't Eat Real Birds!!)

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Kotori Café (which means small bird café in English) located in Omotesando is the perfect place to relax with a cake and a coffee. That’s because the café is home to about a dozen cute and colourful birds. You can watch the birds playing whilst sipping your drink out of a glass decorated with birds and eating your bird shaped cake from a plate decorated with (you guessed it!) more birds. The café isn’t overwhelmed by squawking as you might expect, it is surprisingly peaceful with the relaxing music that’s played in the café being the main thing you can hear.
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The cakes available change seasonally and some might already sell out earlier in the day. I got this yummy custard mousse cake which came served inside an birdcage! Although it is very cute, the drink set will cost you 1,600 yen which is a lot steeper than I was expecting. You can also pay an extra 500 yen to play with some of the birds. A member of staff will take you to a closed off area where the birds can sit on your arm and you can see them up close. I decided not to do this though because I thought the white bird looked bitey.
Right now there is a Kapibara-san collaboration event happening at the café until Friday 30th June. This means there are super cute Kapibara-san foods available, and the menu is different at each of the four café locations; Omotesando, Kichijoji, Sugamo and Shinsaibashi (Osaka). There are also special posters, capybara plushes and special placemats around the café which is super cute!

Check the website for the days the café will be closed and make sure to arrive early in the day so the cake you want isn’t sold out.


Bethany Beffinee