Sapporo City Food must try & Place must go

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Former Goverment Office
It was rebuilt in 1911 due to a devastating fire, Red Bricks- Sapporo Government house was one of the tallest and largest building in japan. It symbolized the importance of Meiji Government during the development of Hakkaido.
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Sapporo Factory is one of the large shopping area located at the central of Sapporo. It feature fashion, restaurant, souvenir shops, café , cinema as well as supermarket. A five story atrium provide a different experience to the visitor. It was the first beer brewery in Japan in late 1800s. Today there is still a small and functioning brewery located in the building and visitor can enjoy the beer after visiting at Akarenga beer hall or at their tasting bar.
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Odori park located at the central of Sappora, provide a fanstatic hang out area to locals as well as visitor all around the world. During summer, flowers decorative competition will be held and participated by gardener around Hokkaido. Smell of sweet corn, potato and etc can be found at many spots within the park itself. It is a great place to relax, feel the pace of local and emerge into local society by chatting to any of the friendly locals.
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Nijo Market, a must go fish market in Sapporo, is more than 100 years old. It was developed in early Meiji period while fisherman sold their fresh fish in the market. Ramen shops, bars, sashimi and sushi shops can be found anywhere in the market. Choosing one of the crowded sushi stall, welcomed by warmth friendly staff, eating a fresh colourful sashimi don as breakfast is unbeatable. Do not think it is a market for visitor, you can find a lot of locals as well to purchase their daily needs, example knife, pot and plates. Talking to the fish sellers let you become their local even though language might still be a barrier there.
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きんき(Kinki)the most expensive item on the menu (4000yen) with the waiting time of over an hour. It is a test of tolenrance with no idea when the fish is ready. Kinki is dried for hours on the shelves before it is grilled upon ordering. With limited stock daily, we are lucky enough to get the second last Kinki at 7pm (The shop open from 5.00pm to 11.00pm). The skin is cripsy, with the juice burst out into your month when the first bite of the fish meat. Did i just said JUICE? Yes. I am not exaggerating. The fishmeat is so smooth and juicy. With naturally seasoned, sweet freshness of the fish is unbeatable. It is the best grilled fish ever i tried.
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ししゃも(Shishamo)was caught in the foreshore of capelin, was carefully dried overnight, wrapped in aluminium foils and grill on a hundreds years old tree trunk upon ordering. Naturally seasoned  with no additioanl seasoning is being used, it tastes a little  salty but fragrant, cripsy skin and eatable bones.
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More than half century old shop, with only a little japanese signage, 炉ばた焼 ウタリ is a small shop mostly occupied by locals. Ambient filled with  charcoal and cigarette smell (If you are unlucky with a smoker neighbour). It is definetly not a place  if one is looking for romance. Long waited food (Whole 
dinner took us 2 hours) tunred out to be extraodinary good 
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A shop that we waited for almost an hours even though it was almost 1400h. Two types of soup base to choose: Chicken or Prawn. Second which is the main ingredient: prawn, beef, drumstick, porks, lamb, vegetable, seafood etc.Then you can choose to add in different type of vegetables. There are more than 10 of them. And finally 13 level of spiceness to be choosen. Sapporo soup curry tastes totally different with typical japanese curry nor nanyang  curry. It is light soupy curry with only light fragrant of curry powder but more sweetness of seafood and bones. It is not as stachy as it looks, easy to drink till the last drop.
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Andrew Yeo