Top 5 Reasons to visit Japan

Japan, land of the rising sun.
Home to over 120 mio. people, and for everyone else an exciting place filled with a fascinating culture which
you should consider exploring.
Here are my Top 5 Reasons to visit Japan:
Number 5) Lost in translation
One thing you will realize as an english speaker when visiting Japan is, there is a lot of strange english,
for instance on this shirt which says: the sky looking wide endlessly is only just one copy now.
20170402_180618.jpg 3.17 MB

Or this aftershave, which has for some random reasons, german words on it (although it is not a German product).
Auslese is a vine in German and trocken means dry so yeah.
20170415_162210.jpg 1.14 MB

Number 4) The people:
In Japan you will meet many polite and friendly people, but also many tourists from other asian countries that
you might have never seen before.
But also you will see amazing people, nerds and talents.
For instance this boy who drums like a master (in Video).
Or this guy who definately loves this dancing game (in Video).
Number 3) The uniqueness:
Japan is unique, in many ways. But the most crazy or strange things you might find in Tokyo.
There are maid cafes, robot cafes, cat cafes and even owl cafes. The list goes on and on.
Next time you visit Tokyo and find a "cuddling cafe" or even "kawaii monster cafe", you know you are in an
awesome place.
Number 2) the culture:
Of course one of the best things about Japan is the culture. And I don't just mean Anime. There are plenty of old
temples, shrines and so many other spiritual places that are worth visiting!
20170517_140650.jpg 2.9 MB
P1020963.JPG 8.47 MB

Also if you visit Japan in spring, make sure you see the Sakura blooming.
P1020961.JPG 9.13 MB

Number 1) the food:
My number one of Japan is the delicious and healthy food, which has so much variaty.
You love fish? There are countless fresh and tasty fish dishes in Japan.
20170517_155816.jpg 1.36 MB

You love meat? Just buy one of the many different kinds of meat, Japan has to offer.
20170414_193136.jpg 1.62 MB

And you can even find deserts in a quality that nearly reaches European standard.
20170407_151102.jpg 1.73 MB

So what are you waiting for? Go and visit this amazing country!

Rob W