Last year in october, I went to Kurama which is a nice little mountain in Kyoto with some temples and shrines on it.
A place where you can really forget the stress of big cities and just experience the spiritual side of Japan.
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From Tokyo station, it is only a 45 minute train ride until you reach this area.
The station to get off is called "Kurama station". Even while going there by train, it is a lot of fun to look at the small villages and the countryside of Kyoto.
After arriving, you will see at the beginning an old ghost called "Oni", who lives in the mountain.
You can always notice him by his huge nose.

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There is a little town which you have to pass to get to the main part: the mountain with the path to the main temple.
In this town there are shops, suvenirs and also vending mashines to buy a drink (which you will need while walking up the mountain).

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It is nice walking up the path, passing all those shrines.
The lanterns on the side of the path make the atmosphere and feeling of this place even better.
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You might have seen shrines like this one before. It has the typical orange colour which you can also see at the famous fushimi inari shrine.

There are even trees, that are very old (a few houndred years).
They are huge and make you feel so small.
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It is generally a more quiet spot, with not so many tourists which makes the experience even better.
Once you reached the main temple, you can decide to go even further or start walking back to the train station (also called Kurama).
But if you continue walking, be aware of the bears that could possibly live there. A few years ago some people saw a little bear in this forest.
To prevent meeting one of those animals, you can buy a little bell in the suvenir shop which keeps bears away.
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I can really suggest this place, as it is not so busy and gives you some time to just enjoy the real Japan.
Also it is pretty easy to reach so, get ready for a nice little adventure.

Rob W