The Ghibli experience

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A dream come true.
That was truly how I felt visiting the Studio Ghibli Museum. This museum is one of kind, boasting the studio's brilliant works and the process behind it.
This masterpiece of a museum was designed by Hayao Miyazaki, a founding and important director for the movies. The museum is an amazing and unique experience as you delve into it's world. It is obviously well thought out and extremely different in it's own Ghibli way! Not to mention, the ticket is inclusive of a short film that was surprisingly enjoyable even without the use of subtitles.
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The Studio Ghibli museum is located at Mitaka, Tokyo and is easily accessible from the nearest train station, Mitaka station and a short walk from there. It's difficult to get lost with all the sign boards leading you there.
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There's also a restaurant and a mini cafe that sells delicious soft-served ice cream and hot dogs alongside other dishes.
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It's gift shop is also reasonably priced and sells postcards, puzzles, pins and many more!
The tickets are extremely cheap,
as they include a one time movie pass. Children below 4 can enter for free, ¥100 for ages 4-6, ¥400 for ages 7-12, ¥700 for ages 13 to 18 and ¥1,000 for ages 19 and above.
However, the tickets need to be purchased online in advance as they do not sell the tickets on site. They go out quickly too so if you want to booking details or any other information here's their website:
Also, remember to not take pictures inside.? Hayao Miyazaki has prohibited picture taking as he wants everyone to fully experience this different world.
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Preeti Mehta