Good things come in small packages: 5 travel sized wonder wipes to save the day!

When it comes to packing for travel, convenience is paramount. I want to have useful things in my suitcase, carry on bag, or backpack that will get me through just about any situation.

Japan seems to think the same way - and has a bunch of perfect-for-travel small packaged items that are lightweight, easy to throw in a bag, and will get you out of a bind in no time flat. Best of all, they'll only set you back a few hundred yen a pop!

Here's 5 easy peasy travel savers that I found in the beauty section of my local department store (that are convenient as everyday items, too!)

Spot remover sheets

Maybe you're eating your in flight meal and end up spilling sauce on your crisp, clean white shirt - or you're already here in Japan and you slurped that ramen a little too enthusiastically. Don't worry - these spot remover sheets will come to your rescue if you've somehow managed to make a mess of your clean outfit. 

These were 283 yen (+ tax).

Germ killing toilet wipes

How many times have you been out and about traveling and encountered a bathroom that seemed less than sanitary?! Thankfully, this doesn't happen much at all in Japan (everything is so clean - yippeeee!) but I do think these are great to keep on you if you're somewhere that could benefit with a bit of a wipe down! Pull one of these out of your bag, and hooray - germs eliminated!

These will set you back 218 yen (+tax).

Super effective make up wipes

No more panda eyes after a night out in Roppongi - these are the best make up wipes I've found here for getting rid of mascara and eyeliner. Some brands don't seem to have the oomph that these Biore ones do - I think they're great because they are specifically designed to remove eye make up. You'll look fresh as a daisy for that early bullet train you have to catch! 

These wipes are 267 yen (+tax).

Tooth brushing sheets

Ever been in a situation when you're traveling and want to brush your teeth - but maybe you don't have access to a sink and a running water tap at that very instant? Go one better than popping a piece of gum into your mouth, and stock up on some of these tooth brushing sheets. They're everything you need for a quick freshen up - and come on, they have a cute little face on the packaging. You're already won over by that aspect, right?

These were only 198 yen (+tax).

Deodorant wipes

Maybe you're climbing Fuji, and want a quick and easy way to freshen up - or perhaps you're out camping for a couple of days, where access to shower facilities just might not be an option. These deodorant wipes are easy to pack, lightweight, and will give you that fresh feeling - they're even useful to have on hand when you're out exploring Japan on a humid summer's day!
These were a bargain at 184 yen (+tax).
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I hope those 5 travel-friendly wipes will save you for a bunch of different situations - and not weigh you or your luggage down in the process!

Happy Travels!

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