Located only a three-minute walk from Nakasu-Kawabata Station, & AND HOSTEL FUKUOKA is the perfect place to stay at for your Fukuoka trip.  Never mind the fact that it’s right smack in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of Fukuoka; it also has a bar and restaurant in the lobby, comfy lounge areas,  and stylish, modern looking shower rooms on every floor.  & AND HOSTEL FUKUOKA offers co-ed dorm rooms as well as spacious single rooms to accommodate the needs of each and every tourist.  Don’t worry if you didn’t pack enough amenities for your trip; these are either offered for free, such as towels, toothbrush and toothpaste, or you can purchase these at the front desk for as low as 50 yen!  & AND HOSTEL FUKUOKA is also in a Shotengai (shopping street), so you have plenty of options for cafes, restaurants, clothes shops, and drug stores. 
Private Room
Shared Bathroom

However, what makes & AND HOSTEL FUKUOKA stand out from other places is no doubt their high-tech approach to managing their rooms.  If you happen to book a single room, you will be handed a smartphone, which will act as a TV and air conditioner remote,  light switch, door key, and much  more!  Installed with an “IoT Application”, this smartphone is a much more convenient and efficient alternative to the conventional appliances in a hotel room.  Your room door will open with a single press of a button, and upon opening the door, the lights in your room will also switch on; vice versa, when you leave and lock your door, the lights will automatically switch off, which not only saves time for you, but also saves energy in case you forget to turn off any appliances in your room.  What’s more, you can request room service with just a few clicks on your phone, schedule a morning call, ask for more amenities...and so on.  For those of you who want to add a classier touch, this smartphone also allows you to change the warmth, color, and brightness of the lights in your room! 
Smartphone with IoT Application
If you’re not quite tempted to book a trip to Fukuoka yet, let us tell you what this city has to offer.  Fukuoka is a very compact and convenient city, modernized, but with many traditional aspects and tourist spots.  You definitely don’t want to miss out on the Yatai, or mobile food carts, that come out early evening and retire late at night.  Yatai became popular in the Meiji period, and is now largely prevalent in Fukuoka, selling all kinds of Japanese traditional dishes, such as Yakitori (meat skewers), Ramen (noodles), Sashimi (raw fish), and many more.  The best Yatai in Fukuoka is along the river in Nakasu, which is right outside & AND HOSTEL FUKUOKA.  You can take a leisurely stroll at around 7pm and walk yourself towards this area, taking in the many wooden food carts with eye catching red signs, and dine your way down the river, trying a different Japanese dish at each Yatai.  Apart from the Yatai, Canal City is also easily accessible from & AND HOSTEL FUKUOKA, being only 2 minutes away.  Canal City Hakata is a shopping and entertainment complex, with anything and everything you’re looking for, from cinemas, game centers, restaurants, hotels, and even a canal running through the complex!

Enjoy Yatai street food with the beautiful night view of Hakata River
For a more traditional side of Fukuoka, head over to Dazaifu, which is a 30-minute train ride away from & AND HOSTEL FUKUOKA.  Dazaifu Tenmangu is a shrine built over the grave of Michizane Sugawara, now worshiped as the God of academics.  Therefore, many students go to Dazaifu in order to pray for better academic results and successful examinations.  Along the walkway to the shrine, you’ll see many shops selling Umegae Mochi, a sweet rice cake filled with red beans.  These were said to be Michizane Sugawara’s favorite dessert, made for him by his wife during his exile to Kyushu. 
If you’re looking for a day trip, you can easily head over to Nokonoshima, a popular island off the shore of Fukuoka, known for it’s beautiful island park.  From & AND HOSTEL FUKUOKA, you can take a train or walk over to Tenjin Bus Terminal, where you can then take a direct bus to the Hakata Harbour.  Nokonoshima is a mere 10 minute ferry ride away, and is perfect for a quick getaway from the city, popular with locals as tourists alike.  Different types of flowers blossom on the Nokonoshima Island Park all year round, offering a breathtaking view where the sea of flowerbeds connects with the clear blue ocean. 

Nokonoshima flowers
& AND HOSTEL FUKUOKA’s great location makes all of the above spots easily accessible, so don’t worry about having to make long trips!  Apart from & AND HOSTEL FUKUOKA, the THE LIFE HOSTEL & BAR LOUNGE is also available and conveniently located beside Gion station.  THE LIFE HOSTEL & BAR LOUNGE offers single, double, and family rooms, and although the cool IoT applications aren’t offered here, it does come with a spacious bar & cafe on it’s first floor, perfect for a leisurely morning or just to connect and make friends with fellow travellers.  If you’ve already been to Fukuoka, they offer accommodations in Osaka as well;  HOSTEL APARTMENT Umeda is a modern style budget hotel with two bedrooms and four beds, and is only 2 minutes away from the nearest station!  Click here to book the   & AND HOSTEL FUKUOKA now! 

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