Rainy day relief: 5 of the cutest umbrellas you can order on Amazon Japan!

June is here - and with that, it means we're saying hello to the start of Japan's rainy season. But it doesn't have to be all doom and gloom - rainy season can actually be fun if you're prepared for it. And what says preparedness like an awesome umbrella to deal with those downpours?
So here goes - five of the cutest umbrella offerings that you can buy on Amazon Japan!
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The magic, water activated umbrella

These are probably my favorite type of umbrella that Japan offers. You might see them when you're out and about in touristy areas - but essentially, they don't have a pattern on them when they're dry...but then when the rain hits them, ta-da! A beautiful design shows up! You can see with the one below, a beautiful sakura design is visible when it gets wet.

You can order them on Amazon Japan here.

The eternal optimist umbrella

Dreaming of sunny skies even though it's bucketing down outside? We've all been there before! Even if it is dreary and grey outside, your mindset doesn't have to be...this umbrella will give you that blue sky feeling!

This one is available on Amazon here. There's also a starry sky version here if you're more of a night owl!

The Samurai in Training umbrella

Fancy yourself as a bit of a Samurai in training, but just need to work on your swordsmanship? Well, Japan has an umbrella that will cater to you too. Best part of all? This one also has the water activated pattern feature on it!

You can order the sword-esque umbrella here (and check out the cool pattern that shows up when the rain hits it!)

The traditional styled umbrella 

Maybe you're in the market for something more traditional than a regular umbrella - in that case, perhaps a parasol umbrella like you'd see a geisha or maiko holding is for you. To me these just exude elegance and class - and if you can get that vibe with something that is also functional then you're onto a winner.

You can order the traditional styled umbrella here.

The kawaii overload umbrella

If you're young at heart, you no doubt appreciate the kawaii side of Japan - and all the characters that come along with it. From Hello Kitty, to Doraemon, and Gudetama to Cinnamoroll, you can find an adorable umbrella adorned with your favorite character -- and embrace your inner child in the process!

You can order the Hello Kitty one pictured here.

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That's just a small sampling of some of the fun umbrellas that you can order easily on Amazon Japan - you'll also no doubt find a bunch of awesome ones as you travel around the country. I hope you'll embrace the rainy season and enjoy your trip!

Happy Travels!

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