M House, Breakfast & Brunch, Café, Shibuya-Ku, Ebisu |エム ハウス, 恵比寿4-23-13, MERCER BLDG. 1&2F, Shibuya, 東京都

M House, Breakfast & Brunch, Café, Shibuya-Ku, Ebisu |エム ハウス, 恵比寿4-23-13, MERCER BLDG. 1&2F, Shibuya, 東京都
There are countless places listed in the “top ten” for western style breakfast/ brunch in Tokyo; each area has its own place that locals, local expats and tourists all rave about as being the best place for morning eats in the big city. One thing they all seem to have in common though, is that on the weekends they usually will serve brunch all the way up until 2PM, as the lunch service starts at 12 in the afternoon (during the week the cutoff time for breakfast/ brunch is 11:30AM).
Luckily, last time I was in Tokyo was during the weekend and so I didn’t have to get up super early to beat the rush and other hungry folks. Since I had never tried going out to anywhere fancy in Tokyo for the first meal of the day before (Burger King doesn’t count), Googling “top ten brunch in Tokyo” was quite overwhelming. Even though we were staying in Shinagawa there were still hundreds of places to choose from. 
In the end we opted for M House, a fancy little place with outdoor seating that’s well known for its French toast in the morning, and turns into a classy bar after 6PM. About a 10 minute stroll from Ebisu Station, this place was quite busy when we arrived at about 11AM, so we had to wait a little bit, probably no more than 10 minutes. When we were seated, we were given little glasses of water, and ordered a couple of drinks (I had a piña colada, not sure what she had). We both had eggs: hers scrambled with bacon, mine were poached with salmon and avocado, and each had a side of French toast. Our drinks came promptly and we were waiting about another 15 minutes for the food, totally worth it though since both sets of eggs were fantastic, cooked perfectly and complimented by our respective choices. The French toast was some of the best I’ve ever eaten, it was very fresh: crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. We could tell that a lot of work went into the preparation for our order (including the drinks which were also fantastic) and so I would definitely recommend this place. It was a great start to the day which after involved an awful lot of walking around Tokyo.
Opening Times:

Monday to Friday : Breakfast & Lunch 10AM to 3:30PM, Bar 6PM to 12AM

Saturday & Sunday: All day brunch 9AM to 6PM, Bar 6PM to 12AM


〒150 – 0013 Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Ebisu, 4 Chome – 23 -13 MERCER BLDG. 1&2F

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