A Walk in Osaka

A walk in Osaka
Osaka is a big city, but in the center you can easily visit many places by subway or just walking.
From Osaka Namba station, you can see the area around Namba but also the most exciting district: Dotonbori.
And this is the place where I took a walk with my Gopro to show the atmosphere of this 面白いところ (funny place).
By the way, I got 14.000 steps on my step counter app after walking through the center of Osaka.
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In my Youtube video, you can see the whole walk.
Basically at first I went to a kushikatsu chain restaurant called "kushikatsu daruma", which I recommend! It was delicious.
Right beside the restaurant, there was a little shrine that I discovered.
There were some lanterns, which made a nice atmosphere to the temple.
It got a little darker in the evening so I decided to go to the main spot of Dotonbori again.
With all the bright lights and people walking around, it was a lot of fun!
The famous Glica guy was lighted up. During the day you can only see him without lights.
There were so many places to eat, drink, party and just enjoy yourself.
No matter how often I visit this area, there are always new interesting things to explore.
I even saw a boy chor group from England which is famous in Japan. Japanese people were stopping in the middle of the walkway just to make photos of those boys. It was crazy ;)
Also I met some cool/strange people while walking around.
For instance this one guy in the video who was waving his hand to me, while broadcasting some kind of Internet radio (I guess).
Or some foreigners wearing wrestling masks (I have no idea why).
Just all in all, Dotonbori is a place with so many different kinds of people, food and stuff to discover.
So if you ever visit Osaka,
don't miss Dotonbori!

Rob W