What to do in Ikebukuro Part 1

Hi everyone!
It's Kim Dao here! Today I'm going to be telling you the things that you can do in Ikebukuro! There is just so much to to do in Ikebukuro that I had to break this up into 2 blog posts. Ikebukuro is a big area in Tokyo that is usually really busy with lots of different activities to do. There are two main sides to Ikebukuro, the East and the West exits. My favourite areas to hang out are all in the East Exit.

Ikebukuro station

Ikebukuro station
Ikebukuro station is big and is connected to various department stores. Two of the major ones are Seibu and Parco. They both have lots of different Japanese branded stores where you can buy makeup and clothes. 

Sunshine 60 Street

Sunshine Street

As you walk out of the station, you will come across Sunshine 60 Street. This street leads to Sunshine City which is a big major shopping mall in Ikebukuro. There are many things you can do inside Sunshine City which I'll get into in the next blog posts. However, the walk towards Sunshine City is great as you pass by many interesting stores. 

Sanrio Gift Gate

Sunshine Street

For those who love Sanrio characters, Sanrio Gift Gate is the place to go. The have lots of cute character merchandise from stationary, homeware to clothes. They have 2 levels of cuteness inside!


Sundrug - Drugstore in Japan

Matsuyoshi Kiyoshi - Drugstore in Japan

There are two major drugstores on Sunshine Street. If you are looking for Japanese makeup, skincare, hair products then these are the places to get them! If you also spend over a certain amount you might be eligible for tax free. 

Round 1 - Japanese Game Center

Round 1

Round 1 is a Japanese game center. There are many other game centers on this street but Round 1 is my favourite. They have a wide variety of UFO catcher machines as well arcade games. They also have purikura (photo sticker) machines on the upper levels. The unique thing at Round 1 is that they have other activities such as  darts, karaoke or amusement. You pay for however long you would like to stay for and enjoy the activities! 

Japanese Snack Store

Okashi Machioka
Japanese Candy

Japanese snacks are great souvenirs for those travelling around in Japan. You can find different flavoured kit kats as well as strange Japanese snacks (I once found chicken flavoured candy). Everything is very reasonably priced in this store so make sure you don't miss this one!


Uniqlo in Sunshine Dori

For very comfortable casual clothes, I love Uniqlo. They have a huge store in Sunshine Street with multiple levels. My favourite items from them are heatech which is great for winter! Their jeans are also very comfortable!

Otome Road

Otome Road
Otome Road is known as the "female version of Akihabara". You can find many anime stores down this road and most of the merchandise sold here are more catered towards women. You will also find cosplay stores along this road!
Anime stores

An anime store on Otomoe Road.
Anime Stores

Gachapon machines outside an anime store on Otome Road.
K Books

K Books sells a lot of limited merchandise that you usually can't get in stores anymore. If you missed out a Pokemon plush from the Pokemon center, you might be able buy it here!
That's all for now! The next blog post will be about Sunshine City so stay tuned for that!

Kim Dao