Lovely Lunches: everything you need for a kawaii bento box at a bargain price!

The way that Japan recognizes the beauty in everything is amazing - and even lunch boxes are thought of in the most wonderful ways. If you've ever heard the saying "you eat with your eyes", it's clear that food which looks good is just as important as food that tastes good!
Pic Credit: Flickr User Mariten

Have you ever wondered though how people create such adorable meals? Well, the answer to that can be found in most 100 yen stores. They are a treasure trove of all kinds of inexpensive goodies to make your lunchbox go from snooze-fest to stellar in no time flat!
Here's some of the cool things at my local 100 yen store that you can use to make your meals way more exciting!

Egg Shapers

Don't you just love that Japan can take such a mundane thing such as a hard boiled egg, and turn it into something so cute? The premise of these egg shapers is simple - while the egg is still warm and you've taken the shell off it, put it into one of these egg shapers and close it up - and then hey presto, you've got yourself a hard boiled egg in the shape of a bunny or a car. Genius!

Veggie cutters in adorable shapes

Who said carrots needed to be dull and bland? Use these to press out shapes and then you can have a 3-D bear, plane or rabbit! You could really use these on any reasonably sturdy veggie - daikon is a popular one here to use for these too!

Gadgets to make your hot dog look like an octopus

Hot dogs/sausages seem to be a popular lunch box addition here - and why not, if you can make them look like this! You can see how the finished product looks on the packaging and also in the bento box example above!

Rice & Sandwich shapers

I personally love the teddy bear sandwich cutter. I feel like parents all around the world would breathe a sigh of relief with a gadget like this, because it'd help big time with getting kids to eat their food - and hey, if you don't have kids but you're the kind of person who would make yourself a teddy bear sandwich to take into the office for your work lunch - then you're the kind of person I want to be friends with.

And even more rice shapers!

Containers to keep all of your food separate

Do you hate when the different components of your meal touch each other? These little containers are all for keeping your different food items separated neatly. They're also microwave friendly which is handy if you need to heat something up.

Onigiri Shapers

When people visit Japan, onigiri often becomes something they fall in love with. Between the fact that it's a super convenient on the go snack and it's also budget friendly, you can see why it's so popular. It's easy enough to make your own too, with these!

As you can see, there's a ton of things at the 100 yen store that you can use to make your own lunch so much cuter - or you can be that parent that is taking your kids school lunch from zero to hero status!

Happy Eating!

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