Nagashi Somen at Hirobun, Kibune

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Nagashi Somen, better known as' flowing noodles', are single mouthful of noodles being slid down a stream on a long bamboo slide. I recommend working on your chopsticks skills before coming to Hirobun or you'll be leaving with an empty stomach. Catching these slippery and fast sliding noodles with your chopsticks isn't easy and they will slip pass you in a second if you are not quick enough. The somen is dipped in a cold house-made shoyu broth and complimented with wasabi. A fun way to enjoy cold somen with a splendid waterfall view to beat the summer heat for just 1,300 Yen per person.
However, you can only experience this during summer in japan, typically between May to September. Getting there can be tricky if you're like me, someone who prefers taking the least costly alternative, rather than to drive or take a cab which is faster and easier. I took the train and alighted at the Kokusaikaikan Station, then headed to the bus stop just above the subway station taking Exit 4. If you're reliant on Google Maps like I was, boarding the right bus at the right station can be tricky and confusing. The boarding area for all busses are on your right when you walk up the stairs from the subway station. Walk to the the bus stop furthest away from the subway exit, and take bus 52, do ask the locals for confirmation. Alight at the Kibuneguchi bus stop and walk along the road, towards the direction pointed for Kibune. There will be a bus stop that takes you to the Kifune bus stop, and then follows an 800 meter up hill walk to Hirobun. ( Coming down will be much easier)
If you are in Kyoto and have some time to spare, I recommend this little adventure. I promise you, all efforts will be paid off.
87 Kibune-cho, Kurama, Sakyo-ku
左京区鞍馬貴船町 87

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