The never-boring Tokyo Public Transport – Enjoying yourself on the go!

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The never-boring Tokyo Public Transport – Enjoying yourself on the go!
The Tokyo public transportation is one of the best public transport networks in the world and also one of the most efficient. It should be with a nearly 40 million passengers a day. As a tourist you might feel a little overwhelmed by the many choices of public transportation, but you will definitely love the fast public transport options, taking you everywhere around Tokyo. 
The Tokyo Public transportation system is an experience itself, which I recommend every visitor to experience at least once. You will be amazed at the organized manner all the trains and metros depart the station at the exact time and you will be amazed how little delay the system has.
However, I know travelling to and from your destination may sometimes feel like a drag and you will feel you are losing precious time by having to travel to the sight you want to there.
Therefore, I have created this small article, where I will tell you to experience Japan while taking public transportation and how you can make your public transport experience a fun one!
The experiences
1.       The JR Stamp collection
2.       The Bird audiotape at stations
3.       The unique song of every Tokyo station
4.       The pushers!
5.       The signs
The Tokyo Metro Stamps
Japanese love stamps and stamps are a very important aspect of the Japanese daily living. The Japanese Eki stamp is just a small representation of everything the Japanese like to stamp. The Eki Stamp is a stamp which is provided by a (JR) station in Japan where you can place a stamp in any booklet giving you proof you have been to the station! They are very popular in Japan and I recommend you collect them as well. They are a great souvenir for any tourist!
With over 9000 stations in Japan and almost each station having their own personal stamp, you will definitely need some time to collect them all! 
Look for the stamps during your visit in Tokyo and start collecting!
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The Bird audiotape at stations
The original story of the bird sounds is Tokyo stations come from the 200 years old tale of chirping birds warning the shogun, the enemy Ninja’s were approaching. Today, it mostly guides individuals with impaired vision along the train platform. The bird sounds are located near the stairs/escalators and some stations even have different bird sounds for going up and down. 
While I was travelling in Tokyo, I loved listening to the birds chirping while being underground waiting for the metro to arrive. Please listen to them as well!
The unique song of every Tokyo station
The same as with the bird sounds, the main purpose of the Tokyo train chimes is safety. The train chimes, where originally made to prevent people from jumping off the stairs heading to the station to catch the train still standing on the platform and warning them the train is about to leave. However, Japan, wouldn’t be Japan if they wouldn’t cute-ify this useful warning signal. So, right now, every station in Tokyo has their own signature jingle. 
If you are like me, you will only notice these different jingles by the end of your trip and regret not paying attention to them before. Therefore I hope I have inspired you to listen carefully and maybe identify the jingles playing at the Tokyo Stations.

The pushers!
You might know the ‘horror stories’ of the Japanese rush hour, but experiencing it yourself is a completely different story. Outside peak hours the Japanese train system is a nice way to transport yourself from one place to another, but this changes during rush hour. Even though I recommend all travelers to travel outside the rush hour, I feel like you have to experience the Japanese rush hour at least once. Feel like a Sardine while riding the Yamanote Loop line and see the famous Japanese ‘Pushers’ at the metro stations work really hard fitting all people inside the small cabin!
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 The signs
One last thing which is applicable to almost everywhere in Japan, in and outside the public transportation is to enjoy the Signage of Japan. Japanese love communicating with the use of signs and they may be very enjoyable for foreign travelers. Not only because of the something ‘very creative’ translations of the Japanese kanji, but also because of the actual meaning of the signs.
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Source: Pinterest

I hope I have made your travel time a little more fun with this article.
If you have any additions to the list, please state them below in the comments ^_^

Miki P