Swallowtail Butler Cafe in Tokyo – a male twist on the famous Maid Cafe

If you are a little Japanophile, just like me, you will know all about the Maid Café concept and you probably had it on your to do list for a long time or you already visited one of the infamous Maid Cafes in Tokyo. However, as a girl, the maid café may not be as appealing as it would to men. (however, I greatly enjoyed my time in one of the Akihabara Maid cafes though as a female). But I started to wonder, is there a male version as well? Where you are served by men in suite?
When browsing online I found: Swallowtail butler café! In Ikebukuro district.

The concept

The butler café isn’t made to be cheesy, just like the maid cafes, but instead strives to give girls an experience of elegance and class. The butlers are highly trained in etiquette and the food is very sophisticated. After making a reservation, which I will talk about later, you will we greeted by the butler at the entrance and ‘welcomed home’ and they will address you as ojousama (princess/majesty). Upon entering you will feel very royal and you will have a lovely experience.
A selection of butlers - Source: Pinterest


You have to be at the café 10 minutes before the appointment time. The butlers will take your name and you will enter a lovely hallway where 2 butlers will take your coat and your bag. A third butler will ask for preferences in food and possible allergies. Afterward you are escorted to the main hall and are seated.
Source: livinkorea.com

Source: http://livinkorea.com

The food

After you are escorted to your table in a lovely renaissance/ Victorian looking dining room (no photos are allowed inside sadly) you are offered a menu. (English menu’s are available). You are also given a bell, so you can ring whenever you need something from the butler.
There is a lunch set, a dinner set and a high tea set available from the menu, which differs every single month. Also, the drinks (mostly tea) and the food are served in expensive China, completing the experience. The sets are a little bit pricey compared to the standard Japanese café/restaurant prices, but the experience itself is priceless. (Expect to pay around 3000-5000 yen) However, due to this café aiming to be an upper class representing café, the food is of very high level quality.
You are instructed to ring the bell when changing plates of food, when wanting a tea refill and even when escorting you to the bathroom. These butlers will do it all for you to give you the ultimate Ojousama experience!


The experience will last 80 or 90 minutes depending on the type of food you order and time will fly, I will promise you. Being treated like royalty will make you forget time. When you paid you are again escorted to the door and will be handed over your coat and bag. Only after the butlers will close the café’s door behind you, you will finally realize how pampered you have been the last hour and you will have to face reality again!
But before, check out the Swallowtail gift shop just outside the café to buy some lovely souvenirs to remind you of the amazing experience you’ve just had.
So…. Maid café, please scoot over, because this elegant butler café will make every boy and girl gaze in awe and crawl back for more!

How to make a reservation

You have to make a reservation, up to 2 weeks ahead, on the website: https://www.butlers-cafe.jp/
An English guide on how to make a reservation is available online. 

Miki P