Neko no Mise – one of the oldest cat cafés in Japan!

The cat café NEKO NO MISE (ねこのみせ) was opened in 2005. With this it belongs to the oldest cat cafés in Japan, it even claims to be the first one in Kanto area. Looking to its long history, for me as a cat lover and often cat café visitor, it was a good reason to finally visit it.
Welcome to Neko no Mise!
Neko no Mise is located in Machida, a city in the southern part of Tokyo prefecture. If you leave the south exit of JR Machida station, you will find the café in less than a minute walking. It is a little bit hidden on the second floor of an older building, but you can see a big advertisement, too. 
Behind the windows you already can see the cozy room with a lot of possibilities to sit down and relax. The walls are filled up with manga, so if you not only want to play with cats, you also can spend time reading. At the entry you are asked what time system you want to use. The simplest is to pay 150 yen for every 10 minutes you spend there. There is a two hours set for 1,500 yen as well as a three hours set for 1,800 yen, however last one is only available on weekdays. For an additional 350 yen you can use the drink bar freely. Cat food costs you 300 yen. 
After all the decisions, get off your shoes, clean your hands and enjoy the time with around 14 cats. For sure, not all are there at the same time, but you will definitely catch some up sleeping or hanging around. Because the café opened in 2005 some of the cats are already a bit older. They started working there up to the beginning. But for sure, new cat staff came in within the last years, too.  Some like to play, some enjoy being pet, some are just walking around the room all the time. One even was crazy about licking my husband’s hand.
A cozy room with cats.
We really enjoyed our stay at the cat café, especially because it was really cozy and not as crowded as the cafes we know from Shibuya and Shinjuku. We will definately come back from time to time. If you like cats and come around Machida, take a look inside the Neko no Mise, too.  
Opening hours:     Weekdays from 12:00 to 22:00
                                        Weekend + Holidays from 11:00 to 22:00
Address:                   Tokyo, Machida-shi, Haramachida, 1-2-9-202

Claudia Mitsubori