6 things you can do with chopsticks [challenge]

Did you ever wonder what you can possibly do with chopsticks?
Find out here in my video and try to do it by yourself:

[VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ia79e9Bvyr4">

Chopsticks offer more possibilities than you might think...
Challenge yourself by trying those things with chopsticks:
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1. Putting Ice cubes in a glass:

Just grab a pair of chopsticks, a few ice cubes and a glass.
Then try to grab the ice cubes and put them into the glass (with water).
It is more difficult then it looks...
But it can be actually useful as you don't need to touch the ice cubes with your hand (where they melt).

2. Writing with a pen:

The most difficult thing for me was to take a pen and write a word.
Even the word "Hi" (as seen in the video) was a complete fail... :(
Can you write something by holding the pen with choopsticks?

3. Using a mouse:

Actually I could handle the mouse with the sticks pretty well!
Just the scrolling might be a little difficult.
But of course it is not the most comfortable way to use a mouse ;)

4. Spinning a fidget spinner:

After a few tries, I could finally spin a fidget spinner by holding it with the chopsticks.
You know that those spinners are a really famous trend now, but can you do it with sticks that are used for eating food?

5. Eating snacks:

The attempt of eating Doritos was pretty easy.
I mean of course chopsticks were invented for food but usually you use your hand to eat snacks right?
But if you don't want to make your hands full of salt or other things then I recommend using chopsticks even for eating those delicious chips.

6. Playing Super Mario

Honestly, it can be any game you want.
But I chose Super Mario on the old Nintendo DS.
And it worked very well! Until the end... 

If you have any other challenges with chopsticks that you want to see then please leave a comment.
More videos will come :)

See you later,

Rob W