Japan brand of Pens: Sakura, Pentel, & Cobico markers

Copic Markers: Are a japanese made brand marker, there's two sided marker: usually used in art and design classes, for coloring, shading.
I have tested different brand of markers and the ones that are made in Japan lasted, I have had the product for at least a year or 2 and the ink hasn't dried,
Not a single marker has lost it's ink value.

You can  use it for caligraphy, or to draw with/ chose use it for some art project: for school or for work.

Copic Markers
They can come in  358 colors in total for all their complete set/ smaller
set packs with fewer colors.
Original: 214 colors there are accessible  choices : nine  unlike other  nib , nib comprise of two  decorative handwriting, variation of thin ni markers, 2 wide nib, sharp looking nib.
These markers are used: blend/shade/water color; fine tip: outline fine detail. This marker gives you the ability to write: thick/ thin lines.
Jointly all round and flexile
Pulsating color
Shiny colors
 solid surfaces: glass/mirror/metal: These can be written on with these specific markers: permanent markers.
Get Creative, and let that imagination fly. Put it on paper with these awesome copic markers.
copic s pens.jpg 64 KB

What's also great about the product is that it's Quick-drying/colorful.

The markers: use outside.
Easy to clean for the next time you use it.
Good quality.
Made in Japan.

Sakura Gel
sakura jelly roll pens.jpg 34.25 KB

They have glitter gel pens: I'm sure a lot of young  girls and older women that's into the glitzy writing would be interested in,
Depending on the color that you use, it comes with silver glitter that's in the mix of ink, so one can really sparkle and shine when they write.
It's also perfect for making decorating card drawings/ writing something, creating a poster or logo.
But these are all in good fun.

Perfect for those who are using a day planner: add some shine the paper and write your activities and plan your day away, for special event,
to projects, ideas you want to create, or in the process of creating, let your creativity flow with these brightly colored pens.

I love that they write so easily, and I can write really fast with them.
I don't know of anyone who has bought these types of pens that doesn't love them.
They are great quality Japan made product: I happy to have: they were a gift for christmas.

Sakura Sketch micron pens/markers  pigma
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They are perfect for caligraphy: writing Japanese words or any type of special writing in any language.
What's great about these pens? or markers you say? well their felt tip and their a inked brush: so you can continually paint, write, & draw.
All those art students/university, or in art type of workplace, or you know of someone who love drawing, writing, or caligraphy.
These are perfect gifts for a friend/ even a colleague, they are good quality, and well made, and they have a modest, minimal look, with a nice silver 
finish on the cap.

They  are durable and they lasts, something that is a good investment for stationary products.
A product I have my full confidence and stamp of approval.

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