Two new seasonal KitKat: Strawberry Cheese Cake and Cookies & Cream

I'm a real freak about Japanese KitKat and my goal is to try as many sorts as possible for me. I already tried 30 different sorts of KitKat. So, Nestle is regularly releasing new seasonal KitKat sorts. Seasonal means, they are only available for a limited time. On Tuesday, June 6th, it was time again and two new sorts were available for sale. For sure, I bought and tried them right away! (^_^)~
KitKat Strawberry Cheese Cake and Cookies & Cream
KitKat Strawberry Cheese Cake
Strawberry Cheese Cake doesn’t really sound new for me, because I know the regional KitKat sort from Yokohama which has the same name. However, they already have a visual difference, because the new ones are more spotted and you can see the small red parts of strawberry inside the white chocolate. Also inside is something like a strawberry crème.
When you open the pack there is a overwhelming smell of strawberries. It tastes good, even so it’s kind of sweet. You can really taste the strawberry aroma. However, I don’t feel much of cheese cake, rather would refer the taste to vanilla ice cream. 
KitKat Cookies & Cream
Cookies & Cream is new to me. Such as the Strawberry Cheese Cake KitKat it has a spotted outside, this time coming from the cookies together with white chocolate. It even has a little grey color. However, when I opened the pack it was more smelling like some kind of yoghurt. Also when I ate it, I couldn’t find much of the taste I would expect when I hear cookies & cream. Surely, it has a really creamy taste, which I like very much. Also for me it’s not too sweet. But I miss the taste of the dark cookies you can see on the pack a little bit. 

Both new sorts are recommended to be eaten in a frozen or at least cooled state. For me, it doesn’t change anything in the taste, but it is more refreshing and this is good in the hot Japanese summer. Also the chocolate is not melting away when it is too warm. 
You can get each sorts in a pack including 13 KitKat bars for a limited time only. They are mainly sold at supermarkets; I got mine at Don Quijote. Price varies between 250~400 Yen to the place where you buy them. 
Have you tried one of the new sort so far? What KitKat sort do you like most?

Claudia Mitsubori